MindspillIt’s officially springtime (well all damn most), so this means that my spring bulbs are ready to awaken from their frozen slumber. I am a big perennial gardener & my favorite time of the year is spring, which is when I get to smell the sweet perfume of hyacinths surrounding my home. I also get excited about my sunny daffodils that command my full attention as they shine as bright as the afternoon sun.

Springtime also means that I need to prepare to clean out the fall & winter debris that has collected in my gardens over the past few months & this is never too fun but now that Olivia & Sade are older I recruit them to assist me and work the hell out of them.

For the last 2 years I have been lucky enough to have a family of robins make the nest along my cedar fence so I am hoping that they again return. I love looking at the brightly colored eggs & awaiting the arrival of the chicks & then enjoying them for the summer as they hang around the backyard eating grubs that try to destroy my lawn.

The spring also means that this bitch ass family of rabbits will be back out to eat my precious lilies again before they even have a chance to bud. One of these years I am going to kill cook & eat them (not really, I hate rabbit but I might kill them).

To celebrate all that I am looking forward to over the next few months, tomorrow, I am taking the day off work, getting my locks tightened & if I can still get a ticket; I will be at the Angel Bofill concert downtown Detroit.
Bygbaby Factoid:
(WARNING: This may offend you but that’s OK)
One thing I hate I mean don’t like about spring is Easter, Oh how I dread the thought of spending money on Easter dresses for the girls, Easter basket grass all over the fucking floor for months (you can never get rid of it all). I also dread the faux fashion, childrens play & the long drawn out sermon @ church. Mindspill