Mindspill It’s Thursday night, so that means that I am enjoying a few adult beverages as I do weekly. Tonight I am relaxing with a chilled bottle of Hess Chardonnay (one of my favorites) & snaking on white cheddar cheese puffs (talk about a fucked up combination). Anyway while I was on AOL Black Voices tonight, I ran a POSITIVE story about a Black man that somehow slipped passed the mainstream media.

The story is about reformed homophobe Isaiah Washington & a donation that he made to an animation project that will take on the issue of the west coast African Slave Trade.

Apparently he had a DNA test that revealed that he has roots in Sierra Leone. It also needs to be known that he started a non-profit last year to assist the people of Sierra Leone.

I wonder, just wonder a little if this did not make the news because it was a very glowing story of how a Black man traced his roots to a place where his ancestors were stolen & is now working to help empower the people.

This is why America is so fucked up. They love to show a Brotha down but will not lift him up when the time is at hand. Isaiah mos def needs mad props for these efforts.

I mean, a nigga said faggot & the media/white America was out to hang him figuratively & possibly literally. He works to save people of his true homeland & it goes virtually unspoken.

Suite Suzy jokes about how I am Addicted to Race all the time & this is a good example of why I & so many other people are.

Anyway, let me get of this damn soapbox cuz my ankle is starting to hurt LOL.
‘Grey’s’ Star Washington Makes Donation

LOS ANGELES – Isaiah Washington, who traced his ancestral roots to Sierra Leone through DNA testing, has donated $25,000 to a computer animation project that aims to detail the Atlantic slave trade.

The “Grey’s Anatomy” star started a nonprofit foundation last year to improve the lives of people in the West African nation.

“The stories of innumerable Sierra Leoneans that were forced into slavery have yet to be extensively told,” Washington said in a statement. “I believe this project will begin to shed some much-needed light on the region, both past and present.”

The computer project focuses on Bunce Island, an 18th-century slave-trading castle that sent African captives to North America. Joseph Opala and Gary Chatelain, professors at James Madison University in Virginia, are directing the project, which will show the castle as it appeared in 1805.

They hope to create an educational CD that will let students to look at the castle and its details to see what Africans experienced 250 years ago.

“Our computer animation project will allow us to go beyond the imagination, and actually see how the Atlantic slave trade was carried out,” which is crucial because events then could not be documented by photography, Opala said in a statement.

Washington’s donation was made through his Gondobay Manga Foundation and the Friends of Sierra Leone, a spokesman said Wednesday.

The star of ABC’s hit medical drama came under fire this year for using an anti-gay slur, for which he later apologized. (Source | AOL Black Voices)
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