Last week Cousin Dee & I planned on attending the March Black Business Expo, which is a monthly event held the 1st Friday at the Charles H. Wright African American History Museum. Cousin Dee & I have been planning to go to the BBE for the last 8+ months & never seem to make it. The BBE is a networking & informational series for Black entrepreneurs on the rise in Detroit. So this time we made a promise to be in the house this past Friday.

Our goal was to go to the Centaur Bar for some after work cocktails to loosen us up to network with our fellow entrepreneurial peers. Actually anything that we may plan to do on Friday will start with a trip to the Centaur Bar (one of our favorite spots).

Since I got off my slave job before Cousin Dee I made a few stops in Detroit, starting with a trip to Tulani Rose to get some Khoret Amen Hair Oil, which I really just started to use. I really like the oil (obviously, since I just paid $22 for it) but there is something in it that makes me itch a little but I deal with it because I really like the smell, especially after I wash my locks.

So after my hair oil stop I made my way downtown to see my homegirl Zana @ Spectacles. While there talking shit & convincing her to come to the Centaur Bar after she closed her shop, the UPS guy came, not really a big deal right.?. Well it was a big deal because the UPS guy just handed Zana a box filled with Eric Roberson’s new CD …Left.

It was so ironic that it just came in because just Thursday night while on the Honey Soul message board, I was asking if the CD was available for download online & was let down to find out that it is not. Since it was not available, I was about to order it, but something told me to wait. So lucky me, I got a hot out of the box copy for only $10.

Side note: I am listening to …Left as I pull this post together & it is tight as hell.

After leaving Zana’s shop & as I make my way to my car, I saw a little sign that read “Nations Bean Pies” so you know I was like HELLLLLLL NALLLLLLL. I am so happy that grabbed my camera before I left the house.

Now it is 6pm & I dipped from Zana over to the Centaur Bar, perched myself & ordered my 1st Martini (a French 75) & waited for Cousin Dee & friends to show up.

After everything was said and done (6 Martinis later), Zana did show, so did my girl Gina X along with her friend who I will call The Unknown Ingénue & off course Cousin Dee, we set off 2 chicken satay plates, a plate of mini lamb chops, a plate of Thai spring roles & 4 plates of chicken falafels, (before you same damn, yall ate all of that, theses were only Tapas & not like a real person’s portions) & we never made it to the BBE event.

We all were pretty bummed that we missed the BBE event but for some reason we could not stop ordering drinks, talking shit & enjoying snacky snacks.

We made a plan to try again for April’s BBE event, but you best believe we will mos def stop @ the Centaur Bar 1st.

Here are a few shots from tonight & yes they are mostly of me but I just want to show off my new beautiful Mud Cloth Dashiki from Senegal. If you are interested in knowing more about Mud Cloth, the Smithsonian has a cool site here.

God knows how I love a good night out & a safe trip home to my family.