Today I got a flood of emails about Anna Nicole Smith’s death (actually I only got 2). At first I thought it was a joke, then I did an web search & found that the info was legit.

Then I started to slow my thought process & was like wait, why in the hell do I care & why am I all in? I am not sure if White America was ready to lose such a high cultural icon.

I have/had nothing against Anna Nicole but I was tripping at how all of my friends were eating the story up, so I questioned does Black America care; I certainly don’t & why was my show interrupted to announce this shit.

Real news would have been that Bush was dead or some like Barack Obama admitted that he did not take baths & was not as clean as Joe Biden said he was.

If the coverage on Anna Nicole’s death continues to proliferate, I am going to put on a Depends diaper, drive to New York & fuck somebody up! My steel mallet, knife, rubber tubing, latex gloves, large garbage bags, pepper spray, BB gun & 8 dildos (not to be used on me dammit) are already packed.

Like my body!?!