Mindspill Celebs lately just seem to love to make bigoted statements in public recently & there is no need to name names because you know who they are (Isaiah Washington, Michael Richards, Mel Gibson). After they said their shit, it was all over the news & everyone new about & some even went into rehab.

So now Paris Hilton has just been exposed for saying nigger & faggot (sp?) at a party on film while dancing like a total loser.

I watched a clip of an interview on CNN today & they mentioned that Paris might not suffer like IW, MR & MG but why come.

I saw the video & Paris was ripping on some ghetto broke chick from Compton talked about gay blow jobs etc. I guess because she is super rich she feels like she can get away with is.

I am dying to see if she is going to make a public apology or attend some type of racist homophobe rehab.

From EURweb:

“In the footage, Paris and her sister Nicky are at a house party dancing by themselves to the sounds of Notorious B.I.G.’s “Hypnotize.” A male friend who dances in between them was referred to as a “faggot” by both Hilton sisters.

Then, at about 2 minutes and 45 seconds into the footage, Paris approaches the camera and laughs, “We’re like two niggers.”

The “Simple Life” star, who recently reunited with her black former best friend, Nicole Richie, steps to the camera again at about 3:55 to vent about a run-in with a woman at the party, whom she describes as a “f*ckin’ hoodlum, broke, poor bitch from like, Compton – public school bitch.”

To cap things off, the video ends with the videographer yelling, “Todd’s a thug nigga.””

From FemaleFirst:

“Paris Hilton has been branded a racist by her former friend. Brandon Davis, who fell out with Paris earlier this year, claims the hotel heiress regularly refers to black people as “ni****s” and is forever using racial slurs against other ethnic minorities.

I don’t want anything to do with her. I don’t need anything from her. She is no longer my friend. She’s just not a nice person.”

It was recently reported that Paris used racial slurs in a new 12-hour videotape, in which she stars, by allegedly calling two black men “dumb ni****s”

However, although she has not denied using the word, she did issue a statement saying: “Anyone who knows me knows that this is not me.””

Back to me:

I wonder what Nicole Richie thinks about Paris after her little rant & more importantly, I would love to know what Paris thinks about Barack Obama.

The inflammatory video was taken off Youtube I guess since yesterday but I found it on, check it out here & let me know what you thing about this shit.

Also see the discussion found on CNN