So Wednesday (1/31/07), I went to another post-op appointment to get my staples & cast removed. After 2 quick weeks I was growing very tired & irritated of being locked into the cast with an itchy leg & the staples were really bothering me, so my appointment to be freed was not coming soon enough.

Since the cast was coming off, I planned on getting a foot massage or a pedicure to pamper myself. I kept on bragging about this to Suite Suzy who offered to massage my feet but I told her this time I needed the real thing.

Before I left for the appointment I packed my left shoe & sock because I just knew I was walking up out of that bitch; little did I know.

Now I am in the office getting my freed from my red boot & getting excited. 4 minutes later, the cast is off, the staples are out & I am cleaning myself up. Moments later I pull out my sock & shoe then the tech looks at me & was like, what are you going with those? You will not need a shoe for at least a month.

Now that my heart sunk into my stomach, I asked what was next then the Dr walked in. He informed me that I would be in a air cast for 3-4 weeks.

My plan for a pedicure… was out & after getting a good look at my surgical wound a massage was definitely out. I was bummed out but at least I do not have to use those damn crutches, which allows me to now get a round only slightly better. The simplest task takes so much energy now, so I tell you that being fat & having ½ legs is not a good combo.

I called Suite Suzy after my appointment & air cast fitting to let her know the news about my leg & that I would be off work for another 3-4 weeks then I begged for a foot massage. After teasing, she finally agreed to hook me up.

It’s now 11pm, the house is quiet, the kids are asleep & Suite Suzy is preparing my footbath. I sink my right foot into the foamy steaming water & it was almost like having an orgasm, it felt sooooooo damn good. Then I sunk my left foot in carefully mindful of my wound, then I let it plunge into the water (now I am having a double orgasm!).

After my wonderful Mintea foot soak, Suite Suzy massaged my feet with some Quench Essentials Elbows, Knees & Toes cream. I felt like a king after she was all done with my pampered dogs (cheap plug). I am lucky to have such a supportive wife!

To all of my Blogosphere family, I truly appreciate your well wishes & checking in on me over the past few weeks. You have been keeping my brain from turning into jello!!! Mindspill Mindspill Mindspill