MindspillI read today on my girl Brunsli’s Blog about Barack Omaba who has been accused of being AWB (Articulate While Black).

This of course pissed me off & I am sure you know why, especially if you is Nigra yourself. I went to the Racialicious Blog, which Brunsli referenced & they have a comprehensive post on this.

This AWB shit needs to be stopped. What the fuck do they expect us to be like as we interact in society (white society). Myself, I have been know to out white any white man when it comes to acting white, but most often it break down to me being AWB or NLTO (not like the others).

On a related note, I was once told that I PWWB (presenting well while Black) during a job interview & that shit tripped me out. I guess he was thinking I was going to walk up in that bitch with a white tee, red monkey jeans & some Air Force Ones. Suite Suzy also suffered the same comment recently on a job interview. Needless to say, neither one of us got the job that we presented well for, so I guess we did not present well enough.

Have you been accused of being AWB, PW or NLTO? I wanna know & when you respond don’t say anything that would make you appear to be Black: OK!
Bygbaby Factoid:
As I type this post, I am TWB (tipsy while blogging (hey, it’s Friday shit!))
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