I have been lucky enough for the past year not to be tagged by any of my fellow Bloggers for the past 1½ years. Well my luck ran out when Aulelia who is the host of the Charcoal Ink Blog (one of my newest haunts) put me on the spot on her tagged post today.

Basically, when you have been tagged you have to break off 5 facts that your readers don’t know about you.

In my case, this is an interesting challenge because I tell so much of my fucking business on the Mindspill, so I had to dig deep to make it interesting enough so that I did not bore you with Bygbaby factoids. So without further adieu:

  1. I had to repeat the 2nd grade, nit because I was a poor student but because my mother was in an abusive marriage to her 2nd husband & we moved a lot so I was in and out of school; actually I was more out than in.

    The fucked up thing about this blip in my life is that my mom blamed me for not going to the 3rd grade. I do not remember my 1st 2nd grade teacher, but I do remember that my 2nd 2nd grade teacher name was Ms. Givens.

  1. I was arrested for shop lifting at the age of 15 at Kohls at the Northland Mall (Southfield, MI). This was not one of my shining moments. I was stealing cassette single & cannot recall what they were. I do remember that I was almost tackled when I almost go tout of the store; I was so busted. I recall one of the arresting officers saying that I had good musical taste. The ironic thing is that I had like 100 bucks in my pocket.

    My mom was a corrections officer for the state of MI so I just knew that she was going to beat my ass when she picked my up from the police dept but she never did. I guess this means that she still owes me a good ass whooping.

    To this day, I cannot stand Kohls & refuse to go into one.

  1. During my senior year in high school I was voted best male hairstyle & almost won for best female because my shit was so fly. You can see my hair progression on my photo album here.

    Friends who have not seen my in years, trip out when they see my locks & always joke about how my hair was fried, dyed & flipped to the side. I still miss my creamy cracked out hair.

  1. When I move to be on my own, I donated plasma at my local plasma center to afford groceries & gas. My friends all made fun of me but I did not give a fuck cause they all lived with their mammas & most still do. After Suite Suzy & I started to date, I used my plasma money to pay for dates. My donations usually brought in 45 bucks a week.

    At one point I actually tried to sale sperm but the sperm bank told me my count was too low. I thought that I would never have kids & was happy knowing that but today I have 2 beautiful little girls & I am raising my little sister. There is nothing like busting a nut & getting paid for it & not being considered a man hoe.

    Bygbaby.com Mindspill

    My goal was to do what it took to stay independent & my efforts paid off. I love very comfortably & do not have to worry about selling my juices to the highest bidder

  1. While I type this post, I am watching “Pulp Fiction” (specifically speaking the diner robbery final scene). “Pulp Fiction” is one of my favorite movies & when it was 1st released, I saw it 3 times. Twice by myself & once with my best friend Brion.

    I prefer to see movies by myself, which I do at least 2 – 3 times per month. I have been going to the movies by myself for about 18 years now.

Now you know some real shit about my ass! To keep the theme going, I am going to tag Brunsli, Asabagna & Cluizel, you are all it dammit.