MindspillShit: I started this off as a reply to Cluizel’s comment on my Apprentice post but before you know it it grew into something a little more.

Damn you Cluizel, Damn you, LOL!

I am happy she got rid of Romance. He is such a bitch ass! I was not mad @ token for not kissing NY. He was right about not wanting to kiss her after she had all of those other guys up in her mouth (yuk) & I think her read my “Sex, Disease & Negros” post LOL. Not to mention that her mouth must taste like an ashtray with a hint of all kinds of liquor.

T-Weed needs to go like yesterday & I hate looking at the dry as hair. If you are a Brotha with a relaxer, you better rock that shit & not make it look like you are on crack rock. New York should at least give him a hot oil treatment to calm that shit down.

I thought it was funny when NY’s mom cracked on Pootie’s ass (no pun intended). He reminded me of Carey from The Apprentice last night with too much junk jumping off. Some niggas need to stay away from tight shit or keep that shit for the bedroom. And why in the hell did he have on those pink thin & thin socks?

12 Pack is mos def gay & he needs to come clean. I know that he wants to fuck Chamo. There is some off the hoof shit on the V-Spot, including a lap dance under duress from Ms Michelle. I’m sure that 12 Pack is not the only man lover up in that piece, so I look forward to seeing what is revealed over the last few weeks.

That damn Mangeant was crazy ass hell & I tripped when Onix described how he wanted to ride Chamo. I think he really was getting into it have the chance to put the key inside.

On last week’s episode, the best part was when she dogged out T-Bone & talked about how eyes went into 2 totally different directions when he took off the fake ass glasses, then she broke down & said he was big and greasy. That was bold & I actually felt bad for the Brotha.

I am not even going to speak on change cause I think he is fake ghetto gangsta or a wangtsa in the words of ¢50.

With all this said, it is time for the White Rappers Show (which is a waste of my damn time but I watching anyway cause ain’t shit else on & I am stuck on the damn couch)
A Little Background:

For those who are not up on I Love New York, which is a spin off of VH1’s Flavor of Love, here you is:

She was the arch nemesis of the house on season one of Flavor of Love. She was the returning guest from hell who somehow ended up back in the mix in season two. The first time, she went all the way to the finale only to be ousted by the beguiling Hoopz. On her return, she once again romanced Flav all the way to the end only to be beaten out by big booty-ed Deelishis. These two failed attempts left America wondering, “Why can’t New York find love?”

Well now she’s getting her chance. VH1 and the producers of Flavor of Love were moved by New York’s heart crushing rejection… both times. So, out of the goodness of their hearts, they have once again offered her the opportunity to find love, but this time, she’s going to be standing on the other side of the clock. That’s right, New York has got her own show, a mansion and twenty men to pick from. But she’s not going to do it alone. Her mom is going to help.

If there’s one woman in this world scarier than New York, it’s her mother, Sister Patterson. She fought Flav with words on season one, and when she returned things got physical. She would do anything to get her girl away from the wrong type of man… including faking a terminal illness. She’s loud, she’s tough and she thinks she knows exactly the kind of man her daughter needs.

Together these two ladies will put 20 men through the paces, testing them on everything from their physical prowess to their “daddying” skills to their earning potential.

The men who impress New York and her mother will get dates with the ladies. The men who don’t will get the door.

And in the end, the man who loves New York the most will win a very special prize… her heart.

Do you Love New York? Of course you do.
Your Perspective:
What is your take on this guilty pleasure & are you watching? If you are not watching, is it because this is another example of Black exploitation/cooning or do you think it is just flat out stupid as hell?