MindspillOMG The Apprentice (season six) just went off & another Black guy bit the dust!

This week it was Carey & I think he kinda had to go because of the flaming male swim suite he pushed to produce for the fashion show.

When he modeled it before the show, I was like, he is going to be the one to get fired tonight & I was right.

I cracked up when one f the teammates said I am gay but I would never wear that swimsuit & he was shocked on how Carey “flamed up the runway”.

That shit had me on the floor because Carey did flame it up like nobody’s business, I mean he was one move away from dropping it like it it was hot!

Carey defended the swimsuit to the bitter end & I don’t blame him. A brother has to do what he has to do to save his ass.

I can see the swim suite showing up in a Ghetto Mess photo at a Black gay beach weekend (we have all seen the photos).

Last week bitch ass Martin got fired & rightfully so. He was a pompous bastard who irritated me. His dress was totally Black Bourgeois To Good to be a Negro (IMHO). I am not even going to go there on the way he talked. I think I got a mini head ache after the boardroom was over.

I am looking forward to the weeks to come. Are you watching? What are your thoughts? Do you give a fuck?

Stay tuned, I may have some shit to talk about I Love New York Tomorrow (a ghetto hot dam muthafuckin’ mess)