So far 2007 has been a mixed bag of the good and not so good but overall I cannot not complain will not complain. There have been so many things going on with my life, I thought I would share a few highlights of note.

Week One: Jan|01|07

    • I found a Cooper’s Hawk trapped in my screened in gazebo, which totally freaked me out. Things got really interested when I called 911 & they referred me to the raptor center for my area who basically told me good luck. I eventually got the hawk out by leaving the door open. Check out the picture & look at those claws. Now I have to deal with paying for a new screen as the hole is to big to patch without looking ghetto.


    • The Mindspill blog paid off in the tune of $210 US buckeroos! Someone found my blog in Dec & dup the vibe & asked me to write a piece with a positive spin on the state of the Black male in America. This was pretty easy seeing that I was starting one anyway. The challenge was to do it in 500 – 700 words.When I go started, I realized that this was deeper that up to 700 words so I took the liberty to go up to 900. Even my little addition was limiting. My story focused on a common sense approach to 3 social issues affecting my Brothers out there: imprisonment, STD’s & education. I am waiting to release it hear until I see what they do. Stay tuned.

      As you can obviously see (read my Ghetto Disclaimer), I am not writer & really do not get into the fine details of typos, grammar etc so I had to have my piece proof read like 2 times before I sent it off. Thx Suite Suzy!!!

    • My baby Sade started menstruating & I am tripping off of this. She is only 9 but her & Suite Suzy have it on lock down after they had their little talk. When Suite Suzy told her that she will be dealing with this for about 40 more years Sade tripped out & said all shit (basically LOL). As a father I ma having a hard time with this as most fathers do not want to see their little girls grow & mature to something little boys want to but their nasty little hands on.


    • Every year I get rid of someone in my life who I feel hold me back or has a negative force that gets in the way of my progress/growth. This year I had to get rid of a friend (former) who had been in my life for 14 years. The day when I decided to do this it took me a while to accept it & just when I did, I removed her from my phone, address book…. After I did all this, why did she call me asking for advice & was really desperate for help. So like the true ass hole that I am, I was really shity to her then told her that I could not advise her & to call someone else.I never tell the person that I am eliminating that I am doing so, so I guess that makes me somewhat of a coward but I try not to hurt too many feeling if possible.


    • I made the decision to change my name as you may have read. While I am off on my medical leave, I will be completing & submitting my application for change to my local court etc…


  • I have this little phone rule that goes into effect every Saturday when I refuse to talk to anyone on the phone before 12 noon unless there is someone in jail, in the emergency room or dead. If the caller is not calling with anything in my criteria, I hang the fuck up. So unfortunately I got a call last Saturday that did fit & it fucked me up!- The Time: 9am
    – The caller: One of my other mothers Ms Muhammad
    – The circumstance: Death of her oldest daughter Shemei Muhammad

    Shemei transitioned from this life to a better one Dec|27|06 at the age of 33. She died suddenly from a blood clot that traveled from her leg to her heart. It happened at home & she died lovingly in her fathers arms as they waited on an ambulance. Ms Muhammad said that everything happened really fast & of course unexpectedly.

    Shemei had a Muslim funeral & was buried in a Muslim cemetery Jan|02|07. I was really saddened to know that I was not there for the Muhammad’s but they could not find my number & were so bombarded by all of the planning & grief.

    I will miss Shemei greatly & hope that she is smiling down upon me as I type this message with her forever etched into my heart as a dear true friend.

  • My girl Zana of Spectacles hosted House DJ Jeff Mills at 5th Ave Detroit & she invited me to be a vendor (Quench Essentials). Because I love to support my friends I agreed thinking that I would not sale much because of the crowd. Boy was I wrong! I did really well & got a few drinks in the process. It was a great night & Jeff Mills turned that shit out!

Week Two: Jan|08|07

    • I enrolled into a Math Analysis class so that I can move on the path of obtaining my degree. As mentioned here before I am a math dummy making my way through barely but not giving up (too much). With my pending surgery & math anxieties, I am not sure how things are going to play out. I think I will have to call the decision to continue with the class late next week. It has been a week since classes started & I still have not got off my ass to get a book so that goes to show you how motivated I am.
    • My manager @ work approached me & told me that she was concerned about me having my name changed & that she wanted to discuss it with me. Well her concerns all spun from her hearing stories on about résumé/applicant discrimination based on names (check out this story). After her information discovery, she thought to me becoming Tafari would stop me from my professional/job growth & she did not want that to happen. My manager is one of my biggest cheerleaders so I was not offended at all by her concern & was actually happy that she opened up the dialogue.
    • I informed her that I was fully aware that I may be bypassed because I have an ethnic name but that was not going to stop me from being & doing Tafari. I also said; If I were to remain Brian & possibly get the call for a job I am still in danger after they look at my skin, hair & strong African features. Furthermore, If I am being bypassed for these superficial reasons I will not know unless someone tells me & that would probably not happen to as I am sure no company wants to face a discrimination case.

      Lastly, I told her that I am self-determined & that I make my own ways when & if doors are closed in my face. I am not the type of person to sit by & wait for someone to decide if they can deal with me or not. Then I ended with the fact that Kujichagulia is a principle that is a guiding light to my success. After all that was said, she was like well I guess you put all of the thought into this decision & know what’s really going on. Then she said well, Tafari, I need the budget report by 5pm today.

      Kujichagulia (Self-Determination) – To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves and speak for ourselves.

    • I had my pre-op appointment with my surgeon & learned that I will be out of work for 2-3 weeks & after I am clear to go back to work, I will have to do physical therapy for like 6 fucking weeks. This is going to be a lot of damn $15 co-pays. I am not sure how this is going to factor into my class.
    • My pre-surgery party @ the Centaur Bar was a blast & my really good friends showed up then. I am happy & blessed to have a strong network of friends both online & offline that are supportive and positive. I bought all of the drinks and food until happy hour ended (my little surprise). By the time all was said & done, I was $280 mo’ broke but it was worth it. Everyone joked that if they knew I was paying then they would have really ordered what they wanted. I paid for like 3 Martinis & appetizers. Thank God the martinis were only 5 bucks.After sampling so many Martinis myself, I have a new favorite one next to the pomegranate & it is the French 75, which has champagne, gin, sugar & chambord.

      French 75 History: Named after the French 75-millimeter guns, this champagne cocktail was created during the first World War by American army officers. The original recipe called for gin, absinthe (now illegal in the United States) and calvados. Calvados is an apple brandy made in France. It is produced from an apple cider and aged in oak barrels for several years. The drink is often served in a small glass during the long meal to re-enhance the appetite.

    • I read a comment that I made one of of Blog haunts (Asabagna), that really impressed me. Some of the crap I write is out there and retarded but I was like wow I said that. What did I say?, well here goes:

      “”Although I am Christian, I have a love hate relationship with the religion as a proud descendant of Africans, related to the slave trade & how Christianity was used against our people. I will admit that my feeling on this developed over the last 2-3 years as I am coming out of a white oriented matrix.”

      I encourage you to read Asabagna’s spiritual journey from the past, present & future. It is deep & I am sure many of you can & will relate.

      Thx Asabagna!!!


    • My Friend Lé AfriKan finally got some shea butter in for me after a 3 week wait since his return from Ghana. I love Lé AfriKan but I hate having to depend on others for my success for things I cannot control. This goes for all aspects of my life.


  • My girl Zana of Spectacles hosted her last party @ 5th Ave Detroit for DJ Dez of Slum Village & she invited me to again be a vendor (Quench Essentials). Here again I was not expecting to sale much because of the crowd & again I was proven wrong. Cousin Dee was able to assist me this night & I am happy she was there because it was out of control at some points but we made that shit happed.Zana party was very nice & some of my favorite Detroit acts performed, namely Amp Fiddler & Sum Village. I was also happy to have run into Kenny Dixon aKa Moodymann. Oh wait I forgot to mention that I ran into my best friend from middle school Eugene. It was fun doing a mini catch up with him & also seeing him doing well. Then ironically I ran into a friend from high school & we caught us as well. I mean Detroit is a big city but sometimes it seems so fucking small…
  • This week ended on a good note with Suite Suzy & I going on a date alone with no damn kids! We set our appetites for Étouffée & I was really looking forward to a few of the Willie’s punch cocktails, I mean I almost tasted them as I imagined having one. So on the way I decided to call to see if there was a wait or if we needed a reservation but I got a message saying that the line was disconnected so & was thinking maybe I had in wrong in my PDA.So 20 minutes later we arrive at the restaurant to find it closed & boarded up. We were so majorly let down; it seems like any good restaurant in Detroit or surrounding cannot stay open. Étouffée was a really nice spot that had excellent southern fair. The décor was impeccable & the staff were very welcoming & the best thing about the spot was the strict dress code (IMHO, keep out the riff raff). Mindspill Mindspill

Thx for listening & I hope that I did not burn your ear up.
Warmest regards my friends,
Bygbaby aKa Tafari