Mindspill On one of my favorite blogs African American Opinion, there is a post about a new report out that discusses how male circumcising African men will slow the spread of HIV/AIDS.

I shared this story with Suite Suzy & she asked if I was more concerned about their (African males) short term discomfort or the long term benefits.

My response to her was that I am concerned about both but more importantly, I feel that there should be a better more comprehensive option than surgery

If circumcision thing was such a great option then why is not being prescribed across the globe?

Circumcision Shown to Slow Spread of HIV in Africa

Ok, WAPO reports Two major studies released Wednesday confirmed that circumcision can dramatically slow the spread of HIV among African men, suggesting that widely offering the procedure could prevent millions of deaths in countries most seriously affected by AIDS, researchers said.

This is an interesting report. I wonder if African men will be willing to get circumcised given though reports, Male Circumcision Affects Female Sexual Enjoyment. Yes, I said “Male Circumcision Affects Female Sexual Enjoyment.”

Well that’s what says. Check this out, a survey of women who have had sexual experience with circumcised and anatomically complete partners showed that the anatomically complete penis was preferred over the circumcised penis. Without the foreskin to provide a movable sleeve of skin, intercourse with a circumcised penis resulted in female discomfort from increased friction, abrasion, and loss of natural secretions.

Respondents overwhelmingly concurred that the mechanics of coitus were different for the two groups of men. Unaltered men tended to thrust more gently with shorter strokes.


Should all African and African American males get a circumcised? Will circumcision really help stop AIDS? Should men give up a little skin?

Statement on Kenyan and Ugandan trial findings (Source: AAO)

My comment to the post

The claims here are off the hook & bordering on no actually ridiculous. If there was a real concern about preventing/slowing down the AIDS epidemic, then they need to look at non surgical procedures. Adult circumcision is not as easy as it sounds. It is very painful & sex is off limits for at least 1 month according to my deceased father who had this procedure done at the age of 30.

I am anatomically complete & not shamed & would never ever consider circumcision! My thinking is; if god wanted it, then I would not have been born with it. Studies have shown that anatomically complete/uncut penises yield greater sexual satisfaction for the man.

I for the life of me cannot figure out why Black women are afraid/against a unaltered/natural state. Well I am married so I guess I no longer need to wonder about this.

If I were in Africa & at risk, I would rather take care of my own needs vs. this alternative.

No apologies if this is TMI, just try not to imagine!

Great post,
Back to me:

After reading the AAO post & listening to the BBC program “World Have Your Say” today, I was slightly more heated to think that this is even being considered for millions of people.

Why come, well:

  • Is offering surgery the best alternative to slow an epidemic, especially for those who are already at a medical disadvantage
  • Why not step up with more preventative measures such as teaching abstinence, providing better or even offering sex education, encouraging masturbation as a safe alternative
  • Who the fuck is going to pay for this? Not only does someone have to perform the surgery but you have to worry about complications, like surgical mistakes, infection, teaching self care and follow up appointments
  • If there is money for this, then why do so many Africans have poor to no access to HIV/AIDS medication
  • According to the circumcision report, infection rates could be slowed by 50% if men undergo this procedure. Although the rate would slow dramatically, I am really concerned about the overall impact of this potential widespread effort
  • Just because some men may get circumcised, they are still at risk when they participate in risky behavior. So when these newly circumcised men contract HIV/AIDS what will be the next option; castration
  • The conspiracy theorist in me says that this is another ploy to destroy the Black dick (yes I did go there).

After checking the World Have Your Say blog, I saw an awesome comment by John who said,

“In America, 80% of the males are circumcised. Why do we have a high rate of AIDS amongst gay men?”