Usually when I have business meeting in Detroit during the evening, I usually take myself out to dinner or meet with Cousin Dee or BFB (Best Friend Brion) at one of my favorite restaurants. So tonight was one of those nights where I had a meeting in Midtown Detroit & during the meeting I started to crave food from Agave, which was across the street from the café I was at.

As my meeting started to come to an end, I was mentally placing my order for Queso Fundido (appetizer), Chicken & potatoes (Agave style) & a few Margaritas. So after my meeting ended I made a mad dash across the street with my mouth watering for some delicious tomatilla salsa with salty chips. As I approached the restaurant, I was like hmmm, it’s pretty dark in there, then once I was upon the building, I realized they were closed so I started screaming in my car FUCK NO – FUCK NO – FUCK NO!!! My taste buds were in a fucking frenzy & my mind was soooo set on this delicious meal.

As I drove away like a dog with his tail between his legs, I started to think about a plan B that avoided going downtown & I came up empty handed. At this point I am on the freeway headed home on the phone talking to BFB who laughed at me & suggested that I go to Jerri’s pizza for a Jerri’s special (a childhood favorite), but I exclaimed that I was not in the mood for ghetto chic cuisine.

So 20 minutes later I am close to home & I decided to go for ghetto chic cuisine & set my mind on some KFC. Unfortunately, there are not enough Black people in my area so my favorite spicy was not an option & basically original would have to do.

Now things really get fucked up. Just before my freeway exit there is a KFC but I decided to go to the one just off my own freeway exit partly because I had no cash & I knew for sure that this particular KFC took credit cards so I am thinking I was good to go.

I pull up to the speaker, ready to order my 2 piece white with mash potatoes with gravy and coleslaw, but before I could utter the words, the cashier came on and said “before you get started with your order, I need to tell you that we are out of chicken for the next 15 minutes” I scream back NO WAY!!!, she says “yes baby, we is”.

How the fuck does the chicken place run out of chicken or biscuits, I will never understand this persistent phenomenon.

At this point I am so fucking hungry & desperate for a greasy meal I had to switch to plan C, which was dinner @ my local fake Detroit Coney Island restaurant (greasy burger & fry diner for my non Detroit readers) . I make my way in, have a seat, aggravated, hungry, & ready for a root beer. As you can see my meal standards went from Mexican French fusion to rock goddamn bottom.

Flo comes to take my, so I shot out to her bacon cheese burger deluxe with chilli & cheese on the fries, no tomato & add onion to my burger & a root beer please. Without a smile or eye contact she said “sure hun” and walked off in here grandma white shoes. Why come diner chicks are all the same no matter where you are???

20 minutes later: I am stuffed, still pissed about not getting what I really wanted & ready to get my ass home.

I guess the the one good thing that came out of this is that I save myself at least 35 bucks, but my cholesterol was definitely boost to higher levels. Mindspill

About Agave:

Agave restaurant & bar features upscale Mexican cuisine with a distinct Spanish influence, superb seasonal dishes with warm Mexican flavors are served in an atmosphere of simple elegance with a big city feel. Entrees range from stylish Mahi-Mahi en crema to Filet Mignon, daily specials, and features classic favorites such as airline cut chicken breast topped with our house made mole sauce. The restaurant also features the finest selection of tequilas in the state.

Agave restaurant & bar is consistently ranked as one of the top dining restaurants by the Detroit News, Detroit Free Press, and Hour magazines “Best Of”. It is one of the only restaurants in Detroit to be awarded Four Forks by Jane Rayburn of the Detroit News.

Located in Midtown, the theatre district area of Detroit, Agave restaurant & bar is minutes away from Downtown Detroit, the convention center, sporting arenas, and all theatres. It is a favorite dining destination for those attending Detroit’s many arts and cultural events, including the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and the Fox Theatre. (Source: Agave)