Mindspill Black leaders Monday presented the entertainment industry with a challenge: to stop using the “N-Word.”

The word that was used in Michael Richard’s violent outburst is seen as a racial slur by any of those who use it, and politicians and entertainers decided that they have had enough of this intolerance. Rev. Jesse Jackson was one of the leaders who was there to speak, and voiced his concerns about the use of the “N-Word.” “We want to give our ancestors a present,” said Jackson. “Dignity over degradation.” Jackson says he and others plan to meet with TV networks, film companies and musicians to discuss the word’s use.

Comedian Paul Mooney, who is known for his work on The Chappelle Show and with Richard Pryor, claims the he will now remove the word from his act entirely, and he thanks Michael Richards. “He’s my Dr. Phil,” said Mooney. “He’s cured me.”

Rappers Paul Wall, Noreaga and Chamillionaire also discussed their beliefs and opinions of how the infamous slur should be viewed. “I think the word is very offensive for anybody to use,” said Wall. “It’s a disgraceful, offensive word that was used to belittle people because of the color of their skin.” Wall went on to say that he supports the NAACP and all of their efforts to stop the word’s use.

Queens rapper Noreaga took a different stance. “I definitely don’t plan to change my vocabulary or speech pattern because of [the Michael Richards] incident,” said the Queens lyricist. “You never hear from these leaders until something controversial happens.”

Chamillionaire tried to shed some light on the issue. “It’s not just rappers, it’s as African-Americans in general, we do a lot of things that are opposite of past history,” said the southern rapper. “We promote violence and drugs, but complain about violence and drugs. We don’t vote, but complain about who is in office. We throw the ‘n-word’ around like it’s a good thing, when in the past it was one of the most dreadful words. All of this stuff has grown to become part of the culture.”

On of the leaders Democrat Maxine Waters, from Los Angeles. She is hoping that, no matter what becomes of this issue, that people focus on the racial problems that are still current in today’s society. “This is not simply whether or not the black community forgives and forgets,” said Rep. Waters. “This is about understanding that this is pervasive, that this happens in all of our institutions one way or another.” (Source: Sound Slam)
Bygbaby’s Janky Commentary & Perspective:

I have one thing to say: NIGGA PLEASE! Fuck Paul, Fuck Really Fuck Jesse & Michael Richards can go straight to hell. I, in the foreseeable future will not stop using the word Nigga.

I think White peoples (in general) need to strike the word Nigger from their memory banks & stop worrying what the fuck Black people say. For conservative Blacks in Ghettos & Suburban Utopias across America who are offended by the word Nigga, get a grip & a reality check Nigga.

I listen to the African American Roundtable on NPR everyday & they discussed this topic & one commentator noted that derivatives of the word Nigger are just as shameful. To that I say Nigga please.

There are some “Hip Black Wannabees” out there that say the work Nigga as if they were & that really turns me off, but if they use it in the right context for what I have witnessed but it still turns me off. They have no Ghetto Pass & even if they did; if they say that shit around the wrong Nigga, they may get fucked up.

As I mentioned before in some of my recent post comments, I am was nt fimiliar with Paul Mooney, but now I can’t help but to know anything about him. I mean that Nigga is all over the news like nobody’s business.

IMHO, words/phrases that need to be banned are “The N-Bomb” & “The N-Word”.

Check out the Urban Dictionary for interesting interpretation of Nigga vs. Nigger

Peace out my Niggaz,
The Update:

I just happened to run across this Abolish the N-Word website today. After viewing the intro I was really moved but not persuaded to change my mind but I think I feel guilty about is especially after seeing the moving photos of my people hanging & beaten.