MindspillWithout a doubt, I am a proponent for African slavery reparations! (side note: I am not sure what the average Negro would do with a reparation payment) To date the US has refused to officially apologize for slavery because of the expected fall out for back payment to ancestors.

Anyway today Tony Blair (British Prime Minister & Home to Fuck Bush) issued an apology for the enslavement of Africans. Maybe I am stupid or something but I am not sure if he was really speaking for the country or himself. If he was speaking officially, what impact can this apology possibly have? Will Fuck Bush follow suit and say the words that many of us want to hear?

The funny thing about Blair’s apology is that it is toally opposite of his & the EU (European Union) position from 2001. read more here

I truly believe the US will never apologize leaving us to the be country of the roaming white elephant named denial.
Nigeria: Revisiting the Slave Trade

THE cruelty inflicted on the black race by the inhuman African slave trade introduced by the white colonialists is dawning on them with the remorseful epithets with which Tony Blair, Prime Minister of Britain, described the illicit trade. He said he feels “deep sorrow” for Britain’s role in the slave trade which Blair dubbed “profoundly shameful.”

“It was hard to believe what would now be a crime against humanity was legal at the time” he declared. African slave trade that went on for centuries led to loss of identities by millions of black men, women and children of African descendants who were captured by the whites and whisked to Europe and America under very sordid conditions. These blacks only knew they were from Africa but millions of them would never be able to trace their roots.

Apart from this trauma, they were forced to work without pay and under inhuman conditions on European and American farms. It is on record that their toil was used to build and develop industries in the two continents while Africa from where they originated is stranded and under- developed. African women were raped by their bosses.

This cruelty has been roundly condemned globally while Europe and America have stoutly rebuffed agitations for an apology and payment of reparation to the relations of victims. Aare Moshood Kasimawo Olawale Abiola during his life time bankrolled a sustained reparation campaign for victims of slave trade. Even though that dream was not actualised during his life time, the intense clamour in this regard by other groups might one day see to payment of compensation by those who benefitted from the African slave trade. read entire article more here
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If you are at least 25% Negro, I am interested in your thoughts on reparations and the need for an apology. Suite Suzy and I disagree on this hot topic quite often.