MindspillCardinal Renato Martino is out of his fucking mind to the 5th power. Recently he stated, “human trafficking now is worse than African slave trade”. I read this story on Black Voices today & almost flipped out of my seat when I read the headline.

Comparing current human trafficking to the African Slave trade is unlike any comparison I have ever heard.

Over 10 – 20 million people (official numbers unknown) were stolen & enslaved from the continent of Africa up to 1900; sooooooo, what makes current human trafficking worse than..?

Yes White, Asian & Arabic women are taken & made sex slaves. Sure kids are made to work in horrific conditions & sometimes used as sex toys. But how does this compare to hat happed to hundreds of thousands that died in the pursuit of dominance. The effects of slavery continue to haunt Black people world wide, I am look at what happened with Michael Richards just last Friday. His comments took us right back to when times were “more” oppressive years ago.

Just to be clear, I am against exploitation of any groups great or small but I refuse to ever put any human atrocity above the victimization of my people.

One only needs to read slave narratives to know how fucked up slavery was & how it still affects Black people around the world.

Listen to & see a great intro for the African Diaspora museum presented by Maya Angelou
Vatican official says human trafficking now is worse than African slave trade

Human trafficking, including women forced to become prostitutes or minors forced to do child labor, is worse now than the trade in African slaves of past centuries, a top Vatican official said Tuesday.

“It’s worse than the slavery of those whose slaves who were taken from Africa and brought to other countries,” said Cardinal Renato Martino, former longtime Vatican envoy to the United Nations and current head of the Holy See’s office concerned with migrant and itinerant peoples.

At a news conference to present Pope Benedict XVI’s annual message dealing with the problems of migrants, the cardinal singled out modern-day forms of slavery – minors who are sold to do child labor or who are forced to be soldiers, as well as women forced to prostitute themselves – and challenged countries to combat these problems.

“In a world which proclaims human rights left and right, let’s see what it does about the rights of so many human beings which are not respected, but trampled,” the cardinal said. He did not cite numbers. Read the rest here