This morning while driving to work I was cruising along listening to music as usual when my old Hair Theme came on, “Mr. Lover Man” by Shaba Ranks. This became my hair theme the first time I walked out of the Nathan Influence Salon downtown Detroit in the Renaissance Center with my hair straighter than any white counterpart.

It’s kinda funny because as I as walking out the song was playing & it was like I was moving in slow motion through the salon with everybody staring at me like what the fuck did he get a page boy for & why is it straighter looking better than my shit (I heard the whispers) but I did not care. As I approached the door still in slow motion it opened and a gentle gust of wind blew my freshly permed hair around like I was in some type of Pantene commercial & I liked it in a strong Black man kinda way.

“Who are they to judge us simply because OUR hair is long”

When Mr. Lover Man comes on I am always taken back to that unforgettable slow motion gentle breeze moment, which brings a smile to my face. To this day I still enjoy a gentle breeze through in my hair. The man responsible for my progressive look was non other that Curtis Griffin, a hair stylist, therapist & good friend for 7 years. Curtis got me hooked on Sebastian ColourShines Reddissimo, which I still use to this day.

In 1999, I went to Curtis and we looked at each other dead in the eyes & said are you sure which I replied yes to (he could read my mind). 20 minutes later I was bald. I was happy with my decision but I did this in the winter & my head was so cold.

For weeks I would go to look into the mirror expecting to see my long hair but it was never there, I had a few nightmares which annoyed Suite Suzy & at one point a cried in my sleep (a bitch cry). It took me a while to get over the fact that I had no hair but I survived. I continued to see Curtis for my barber service until he retired from the business to get a legit 9-5.

I am not sure if I am weird because I have such a string attachment to my hair because I am a guy but…

Bygbaby Permed Hair Factoids

  • I won best hairstyle male in my HS mock elections
  • I was in a hair magazine in 92/93
  • My dad referred to my hair as pimp hair
  • I was accused of having a weave
  • People asked me if I were Philippino despite my huge lips & nose (I’m not that yellow)
  • People asked me if I were Samoan
  • My hair went on a world tour before it was cut (15 countries, 60 cities)
  • I saved a 6 inch swatch of hair to put into a locket for my kids (a piece of me) Mindspill

FYI: My Brotherlocks currently have no theme.
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