A few months ago my camera (Olympus Camedia D-540) died on me & I was kinda upset about it because I had just purchased a new memory card for it. Once the camera died all of the sudden I was not able to view my pictures from the memory card on my computer & I was pissed because I had some really good shots of my spring garden, pictures of robin’s eggs that were laid in my back yard any many other special shots through the summer.

Today was the day that I decided to say fuck it so I purchased a new camera (Sony DSC-S500) & dropped a couple hunnert’ dollars (ouch). So I get home & I decided to tinker with my old camera & pulled on the “new memory card put it in my computer & reformatted it totally wiping out anything that was there. I then put it back in the camera & it asked me if I wanted to reformat the card & I said yes.

With this double reformat complete, I attempt to take a picture & it worked & I was even able to view it on my computer. So now I am like damn: why come I did not do this before you fool.

I think I may keep the new camera & just keep it in my bag for those damn I wash I had my fucking camera today (there have been so many of those).

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Damn! My Hair Looks GREAT!

The Update:

Yesterday I broke down & went back to Circuit City to return the camera that I had just purchased because I found a better deal online. The camera that I found online was still with Circuit City & it was over 120 bucks off on clearance making it in my price rang of 200 hunnert’ and under. It was a Cannon Power shot A540 for only 176 but when I got to the store I was not please with the look but the camera that I wanted to buy originally started to look more appealing.

After weighing the pros & cons of both, I decided to bit the bullet & go with the camera I wanted originally which was the Casio EX-Z60. I really liked this one originally because a) it was RED (my favorite color b) it was small & c) because it had many of the features of the cameras I was considering.

I did not go with this one at first I did not want to the cash & have to buy a memory card but I got to the point that I wanted what I wanted so the price did not matter.

The camera is pretty small & is actually smaller in size than my Coach business card case, which means that it will fit nicely in my man purse (I carry a lot of shit, men need bags too dammit).

The first few shots I took came out great so I hope this is a case of where form & function are both great.

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