Mindspill Last Saturday, I played big brother to a little brother who is a family friend, actually almost family. His mom is Suite Suzy’s bf’s & he needs a positive role model so from time to time, I will do things with him etc.

Part I:
Saturday after I picked him up we headed to the Max M Fisher Theater for the “Macy’s Day of Music at The Max!” which featured several local performs & offered a very nice eclectic mix of music. The first act we saw was the NAAHII (Native American Drumming), which was very entertaining. After the drumming we hung out for a bit listening to some Blue Grass Folk music & we also checked out the Mosaic Youth Theater before heading to dinner @ Union Street.

After dinner we headed back to the Max to see 3 Detroit Groups: Hot Sauce, Slum Village & Black Bottom Collective. First up was Hotsauce who had a pretty long line but worth it because I ran into my friend Zana Owner of Spectacles Detroit they really set it off &. I was very impressed by their diversity in music & instrument variety so I copped 2 copies of their CD for me & Lil Brother.

Part II: Ghetto, Tacky or Ignant’
As we entered the hall to enjoy the Slum Village set I was surprised to see that there we so many empty seats, so we made our way to the front. The second row had like so we decided to perch there & that’s when a little drama jumped off. We asked the 2 people sitting at the end of the row to get by & they stated that they were holding the seats for friends; so we were like ooooookay. Zana then asked if there friends were in the theaters & the guy of the dramatic duo answered no, they are on their way. Zana then spat back & asked how they could hold seats for a GA event that was free (it’s like hold a swing for your cousin at the park & other kids want to ride it). Then homeboy in a flammy huff was like well you can have 2 of the seats the Zana & I were both like no we are taking three so excuse us bitches & moved passed.

The dramatic duo was obvious pissed & whispered loudly (ghetto whisper) that it was not worth arguing about but they kept on talking shit until their friends showed up. The friends were like we thought you were holding seats & the duo was like well plans changes & we are not getting into it up in here, then they all split. Moments later, our row was filled.

I have not been into Slum Village because I am not all that big into their Hip-Hop, but that all changed after seeing them perform. When I got home I downloaded a few of the cuts they performed & have been in heavy rotation on my iPod. It’s now 10pm time for the Black Bottom Collective or so I thought. The MC came on & thanked the performers & crowd blah, blah, blah the announced that BBC was running 30 minutes late, which is when we all decided to bounce.

Almost Fin:
As we left the hall and went out into the atrium we were like hell nall; the atrium was packed to over capacity to see BBC. As we left I was thinking to myself there is no way that everyone will be able to see them perform because there simply was not enough space. It’s now 1020pm Little Brother and I are in the car headed to my house to get some rest & chill to prepare for Sunday’s fall yard clean up.

LB was & is fun to be with & I like having a little fella to kick it with and share experiences that can help both of us. It was a great weekend!