Mindspill Last night Cousin Dee & I celebrated the opening of the New MOCAD (Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit) during their Gala Opening Celebration.

Because we’s po’, we decided to forgo the Patron’s Preview which was 125.00 a head to attend the after party which was only 10.00.

So we make our way to the MOCAD & create a parking space (can only be done in Detroit) at the opposite end of the street, which meant that we had to walk past like 4 vacant apt bldgs complete with loitering Crack Heads. How do I know they were Crack Heads? Well it was like 35° & raining as they sat in lawn chairs asking for money because they were keeping an eye on all of the cars. Anyway…

We are now past the vacant bldgs & Crack Heads in line to have our ID’s checked to get into the party. We get through & then had to stand in line to pay the 10.00 admission fee, which is when I decided that I was too sexy to pay then stepped out of line & entered the Museum as if I belonged there & everyone knew. Cousin Dee was a little shocked but right behind me. As we approached the 1st exhibit, we let out a Madea “HELLEER” coupled with a mini “Bitch Scream”.

As we walked around the museum we both commented that the art was very contemporary & some strange (what art isn’t strange, it’s all relative). There was one exhibit that I liked (damn I should have had a camera) that had these alien cat like people living in a Shantytown. Some of the creatures were pissing in public & one was pissing off of a roof, which tripped me out. The exhibits had no information placards etc. so I was kind in limbo, sometimes I do not want to use my imagination, I just wanna know what the fuck I am looking at. After searching the MOCAD website I learning that the artist of the piece I admired is Jon Pylypchuk.

Walking through the other exhibits the thumping music was starting to distracting, which made it difficult to fully enjoying the other exhibits so we decided to partake in the bar & dance to the music. After a Skyy & cran, C.D. & I hit the floor to canvas the crowd (great people watching) until I spotted a table of food. OK so now we are at the food table actually tables where they had some picked over smoked salmon topped with seaweed salad over tofu hor’dourves and spicy tuna radicchio wraps (both really delicious).

As I started to bitch about wanting more of the tasty morsels, out of nowhere came more food & I mean a lot of it. It was like the caterer said “food is here bitches, we have lots of food for all you bitches”. As the food continued to flow people were flocking like they never ate before. CD & I were pretty stationary as we had a good spot between both food stations giving us easy access to get what we wanted. Eve’s restaurant of Ann Arbor was the caterer; Suite Suzy & I will be mos def checking them out for dinner soon.

By the time it was all over, I was over stuffed and very happy but needed another drink. With drink 2 in hand C.D. and I are now in the zone dancing (re-enacting the dance club scene from Basic Instinct), laughing & talking shit. Just when my high was coming down, it got picked right back up with a nice contact buzz from that funny stuff. (side note: I do not smoke but will never run from a possible contact buzz).

After everything was said & done we had a great fucking time, free food, wonderful sites at Detroit’s newest cultural institution & 16.00 for drinks (total). It was a great night!

Oh, I think I need to mention as we made our way back to the car, the Crack Heads were still working hard watching all of the cars parked on the street & we did not get a ticket for the parking space that we created.
About the MOCAD

The mission of the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit is to present art at the forefront of contemporary culture. As a non-collecting institution, MOCAD is responsive to the cultural content of our time, fueling crucial dialogue, collaboration, and public engagement.

Located on Woodward and Garfield between the DSO and the DIA, Wayne State University and the College for Creative Studies, the Museum will be an innovative addition to Detroit’s Cultural Center, and function as a hub for the exploration of emerging ideas in the contemporary arts. The 22,000 square foot building, a former auto dealership now dedicated to housing MOCAD, will undergo its initial renovation this summer. With its raw, flexible and cavernous spaces, the building is well-suited to the exhibition of contemporary art. A cafe and bookstore are also planned to provide a place for informal dialogue.

MOCAD will present its first exhibition in fall 2006. Klaus Kertess, renowned curator whose Bykert Gallery launched the careers of such contemporary masters as Chuck Close and Brice Marden in the late ’70s and who curated the Whitney Biennial in the ’90s, is organizing the first show. Titled Meditations in an Emergency, it will include installations by eight major international artists including two in the current Whitney Biennial. Related programming will include music, performance, dance and lectures as well as educational activities with schools and youth organizations. The second exhibition, Shrinking Cities, a collaboration between MOCAD and the Cranbrook Art Museum scheduled for February 2007, is organized by a group of international curators from Germany, Detroit, England, and Russia. Among other ideas, it explores the relationship between cities and suburbs.