MindspillIf you are looking for ways to protect your skin and from the winter blahs, you need to get yourself some Quench Essentials to “Quench Your Body’s Thirst”.

Quench Essentials is my latest business venture and offers natural moisturizers for your body. QE has wonderful Shea Butter based Body Mousse, which is available in four fragrances in addition to one unscented.

Our Body Mousse contains Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Jojoba Oil & various Essential Oils for the crowning heavenly touch.

We also have:

  • A decadent Sugar Scrub
  • Moisturizing Soaps
  • Dead Sea Bath Salts
  • A timeless Spa Soak w/peppermint & tea tree
  • Finally a heavy elbow, knee & foot cream (yes for those hard to please areas)

OK, enough of my ranting; to get more information & ordering check us out online @ (online store not officially running; hit me up if you wanna…)

If you are interested in joining our mailing list, please sign up on the QE site. By joining “THE LIST”, you will be entitled to product updates, exciting news & special offers that only our “FRIENDS” can receive.