MindspillSince my last post, I was incommunicado because I was trying to calm my life down from this summers hectic to demanding schedule & I am now feeling like things are pretty settled. I decided to not take any classes this semester because my mind was fried when school started, so next semester I am gonna have to step my game up. You may not give shit about what has been going on with me but for some reason I feel compelled to put this out there for the world to know (I just re-read this last sentence & it sounds stupid and dramatic but, I am leaving it in).

To share with you what has jumped off over the past 2 weeks, I have put together a quick overview. This list is out of order big time but this is my life, so since I have been gone I:

  • Celebrated my 32nd birthday 9/19 : extra special day because of Suite Suzy & the girls
  • Purchased 9 pair of Tommy Hilfiger tighty whities (yes I wear tighty whities sometimes; I am a little boy @ heart)
  • Purchased 9 Tommy Hilfiger Stay White V-neck classic tees (fellas you gotta get some of theses!)
  • Got a little 5% pay increase (I’m a star dammit)
  • Was invited to join the Diversity Advisory Board at work
  • Farted loudly in a work meeting
  • Confronted a Crackhead about asking for money for “keeping an eye on my car” while I was eating my dinner @ Union Street Grill
  • Lost 3 locks (was depressed about this but ok now)
  • Help my little sister Baby & her son Bay Bay move after she got evicted over some drama with her baby daddy
  • Finished a work intense website & have started a new one (business is good & steady)
  • Got pissed at my mom for verbally abusing/attacking my oldest child (mom still does not think she was wrong)
  • Was sick/exhausted/fucked up & missed 2 days of work
  • Saw 3 movies
  • Purchased a new wireless mighty mouse for my MacBook Pro
  • Spilled water on my MacBook Pro keyboard, which fucked it up so I had to replace it (thank God for Apple Care cause I did not have to come out of pocket)
  • Wondered what life as a unicorn in an enchanted forest would be like
  • Felt thankful for my little family
  • Mentally attacked a woman for wearing white pumps after Labor Day (fashion has not changed bitches! Don’t get it twisted)
  • Cannot stop watching ANTM, Flavor of Love or Nip/Tuck
  • Downloaded at least 40 new songs
  • Cancelled my Gee’s Bend trip last minute & I am going to be pissed about this for a while. I tell ya, it’s hard doing business with black folk (not all but damn!

Holla & wazzz up to all of my new readers (you know who you is).