MindspillLast night Cousin Dee & I had one of our cousin dates out & about in Detroit. The plan was to meet at Club Bleu downtown Detroit for the Amel Larrieux, Dwele & Raheem DeVaughn concert then head to The Bosco for a Mp3 battle (NoWax Wednesday) & a few Mojitos.

The concert started at 7 & I was still at home tired as hell & somewhat dreading the drive downtown. About 730 Cousin Dee called & was like you need to hurry up, so I motivated & got off my ass 20 minutes later. It was a good thing I had on an all purpose outfit cuz…

40 minutes later, I get downtown when CD calls me & tells me that the line for the concert was wrapped around the building so we made alternative plans to go to Oslo for dinner & drinks. CD & I are too old & sexy for long lines.

As we walked passed Bleu, a party go-er was walking away from the club & told us that the place was packed & they were not letting anyone else in, which solidified our Oslo plans. While walking pastthe club I ran into a few of my Detroit Poetry friends Buttersoulfly & Legacy who both decided to brave the line.

Once we got to Oslo we had a seat at the bar & ordered a couple of delicious pomegranate martinis (I mean they were out of this world) the ordered our sushi selections. We always get the Spicy Tuna, Philadelphia, Jalapeño & Sea Weed salad.

Once we attacked the drinks, the shit talking, loud laughing & bitch screaming was in full effect. Wait, I need to mention that a Crack Head walked into the bar & stood next to me as he asked for a glass of water. If smells could kill, I would be a dead mutha fucka right now: he smelled so damn bad that I could not concentrate, got a mini headache & threw up in my mouth a little bit. I shouted “thank you Jesus!” when he walked out taking his funk with him.

On our second round of drinks & feeling too good, CD & I headed for the 1st level of Oslo for the Wednesday art show which was like a little bonus for the night. When we got down stairs, we saw all of these raunchy but hot tee-shirts scattered all over the walls, we soon found out that they were free for the taking so we go a few & enjoyed rest of the very adult art. It is now time to leave and get into some other shot. BTW we did give the artist some cash cuz ain’t nuthin’ free & artist need to be support.

So now it’s like 10ish & there is still a small line @ Bleu so we decided to wait & winded up inside shortly there after. Once we got inside, it was dark & smoked not to mention the wall to wall people. The environment was too intense but we stood around the slow shifting crowd for about 20 minutes & decided to leave during Amel Larrieux’s set. I am not that big on Amel so this was no biggie plus she looked like she was high as a kite.

While we were making our way out, I spotted Raheem DeVaughn & kicked it with him for a hot minute (shoulda’ had a camera) & copped a few of his Street Experience Mixed (Vol. 1 & 3). I really wanted to see Raheem because he was my main reason for going; so since I missed him this was a good ending.

After we got outta there, we decided to call it a night & split. On my way home I popped in The Street Experience Vol. 1 & jammed as I sped down 94.

The next Mp3 battle is unscheduled but I let CD know that I was going to kick her ass. It was a good night!