MindspillThe day after I did my blog on the Quilts of Gee’s Bend, I was still on high about “my” discovery & talking to friends about it (yeah I am really excited about them). After running some errands in Detroit (the day after), I stopped by Cousin Dee’s house to chill before heading home. Soon as I pulled up to her crib, my phone rings & it’s a number that I did not recognize so I was hoping that it was a new web design client but it was not, it was even better.

It was Emma Ribbron, a wonderful woman who was a participant on my 1st trip to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. The conversation started off pretty normal & quickly started to take a strange twist. After we got all of the how are yous out of the way, she asked me a really freaky question & it went a little sumthin’ like this:

Emma – “Brian have you ever heard of Gee’s Bend?”

Brian aKa Bygbaby – “Yes I have & how funny of you to ask!”

Emma – “Why is it funny?”

Brian aKa Bygbaby – “I just learned of them yesterday.” (Then I told her my story)

Emma – “Wow that’s great, well the Quilts will be on exhibit in October at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, I would like for you to organize a trip for me and my group.”

Brian – “Let’s make this happen, I will call you on Monday after I gather up all of the details & we will go from them”

OK so now I am off the phone & excited as ever doing my “bitch scream” as only I can do it. Afterwards I ran up into Dee’s crib & explained to her what just jumped off. We both tripped on the irony of the timing.

Talk about Karma!

So after all of the initial excitement died down, we did some 1800 shots & jammed to our music. It was a damn good Saturday!!!

———————————————————– MindspillIt’s now 2 weeks since Emma contacted me & the trip is on & this is your invite!

The Indianapolis Museum of Art will open its doors to the world on October 8, 2006 for the Architecture of Gee’s Bend Quilts Exhibit. This exhibition features approximately 70 quilts made by several generations of African American women from the small farming community of Gee’s Bend, Alabama.

The trip is planned to leave Detroit October 8, 2006 @ 630am returning the same day @ approximately 11pm. Lunch & admission are included. As usual on-board entertainment provided by me of course.

This trip is extra special because a) I am organizing it & b) several of the Gee’s Bend quilters will be present. For more information, visit my Get on the Bus website where you can find pricing, Gee’s Bend History & much more.

Remember, this is an open invite, so I hope to see you on the bus!

Download the trip flyer