I found this today on the Afrobella Blog & thought that it was sooooo worth sharing. The recreation of the Doll test in modern times is very saddening. What I find most shocking is the comment of the last child who was asked which doll was bad, then asked which doll looks like her.

To quote Gil Scott Heron, “Home is where the hatred is, Home is filled with pain.” I really do not want to believe that these and others are learning self hatred (maybe this is extreme) at home.

I am digging the mindset of the young ladies in the video, they make some very good points & it’s to bad that this sentiment of self love & respect is not echoed widely.

My feeling on those who do not acknowledge their AfricaNESS is that they need to be unplugged from their White Oriented Matrix & deal with reality!

About the director:
I knew from an early age that film was a medium I wanted to work in. Through my films I’ve found a way of expressing myself as well as telling the stories that are important to me. At sixteen, I directed my first documentary, A Girl Like Me. Before that, I created numerous short films and attended the New York Film Academy.

I would love to pursue a career in filmmaking as well as to explore my passions for acting and writing. I have a love of traveling, which affords me the opportunity to meet new people and explore other cultures.

My goal is to develop more projects that will help my community and give a much needed voice to issues that pertain to people of color. I am currently attending Urban Academy, a NYC public high school, and I live with my mother in Manhattan’s Upper West Side.