MindspillRecently, I have been finding myself doing things that I would are somewhat embarrassing to admit to many of my friends.

There are a few more but this is all that I am willing to publish to the world, at this point anyway. 🙂

My latest “guilty pleasures” are:

  • Watching Season 2 of the Flavor of Love
  • Watching Next on MTV; there is just something fascinating about what these stupid as people do to get a date with someone who is supposed to be “HOT”
  • Watching the Keyshia Cole show on BET. It is ghetto & ignorant but I cannot stop watching & the sad part about it is that I do not even like her music
  • Paying for a download of Paris Hilton’s song “Turn It Up” (I like the part when she whispers “That’s Hot”; don’t laugh)
  • Eating a Popeye’s 2 piece meal spicy meal with 2 extra biscuits with red beans and rice a minimum of 1 a week
  • Drinking way too much Sangria during the week & lately it has been at least 3 times a week. (makes for a great night cap)
  • Last but not least, fondling my MacBook Pro non stop everywhere I take it

Is there anything that you feel guilty about enjoying???