Recently one of my online friends (Brunsli) started making hair ties for those with locs or anyone who would be interested in wearing one. She sent me one about 3 weeks ago & I have been addicted ever since I put my 1st one on (The “Toni” in red horn).

After wearing it for a few days, I discovered how much I needed something like this & ordered 2 more “Toni’s” & a “Rita”. This is what I told Brunsli & others on one of my Yahoo groups:

“Dear Brunsli,

I got my “Toni” hair tie today & just tried it. My comment is: This is FUCKING great! Very comfortable, good color (red horn) & very easy to use. I am ready to order a few more! All I suggest you check out Brunsli offerings @ her Blog (”

Since Brunsli made these available she has discovered that the demand was great & she started an eBay store & a Hair Tie Blog dedicated to the exciting hair ties. Actually, I need to mention that Brunsli & her mom work on these together.

One cool thing about the Brunli’s hair ties is that they are named after famous women with locs. When I 1st rwad about the hair ties. I did not make the connection with the naming until Brunsli pointed it out. Comically, I told her that if she had one named Whoopi, I would have gotten it.

The hair ties come in a large variety with something to offer everybody (IMHO). They feature pieces made with bone, horn, jade, shell, & amber (to name a few). The hair ties serve to function to me 1) jewelry & 2) a way to tame the beast aKa your/my hair. The price point range is from 15.00 US to 62.00 US + her low shipping cost.

Brunsli has mentioned one several occasions & posts that she will not continue to make these & may turn the business over to her mother who apparently does this for a hobby. So the bottom line is, get them while they are HOT from her new eBay store. (Quick Update from SFO (San Francisco International Airport): Brunsli let me know via her Crackberry, that her hair tie inventory would be increasing soon!)

You can get more information from the Brunsli Hair Tie Blog.

“I started making hair ties because it has been really hard to find hair accessories as my locks grew. Everything I found was too small or would get caught in my locks. My inner hair toy junkie was not fulfilled.” – – Brunsli

Here are some shots of me before & after my hair tie. Mindspill Mindspill Mindspill

(side note: My coffe never looks as good as above!)