Mindspill A good friend told me about the new Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco tonight & it looks wonderful based on what their website displays. The MoAD opened late last year (2005) to the public & they offer permanent & temporary exhibits.

An international museum, based in San Francisco, MoAD is committed to showcasing the “best of the best” from the African Diaspora. To facilitate this, MoAD reaches out and initiates collaborative ventures with institutions of similar vision from around the world. Already, the museum has forged rich relationships with the British Museum, the Museum of African Art (NY), Eileen Harris Norton and Peter Norton, and the University of California Berkeley, amongst others.

Drawing from the collections of museums, institutes, organizations, universities and private citizens, MoAD is a collector of stories—a repository of information to be shared with all who wish to know about the African Diaspora.

Embracing the newest applications in media technology, MoAD features an interactive theater and immersive exhibitions. This coupling of art, culture and technology enables MoAD to bring Africa, the African Diaspora and the world community closer together. Museum visitors and those experiencing MoAD through the Internet can exchange histories and stories, share and debate viewpoints, and find common expression in the many kinds of experiences that MoAD provides.

Using objects of art and culture as catalysts to tell the story of the African Diaspora past and present, MoAD is a virtual crossroads for people around the globe.


African Diaspora: the scattering of people from Africa and the sowing of their cultures globally.

Our many journeys—over land, across oceans, through time—separate us and bring us together again and again. The Museum of the African Diaspora invites you to recollect these journeys and reconnect with the four themes emerging from them: Origins, Movement, Adaptation and Transformation.

  • Origins – Our origins are in Africa two million years ago. As we move, adapt and transform, new origins take root and the cycle continues.
  • Movement – Individuals, families and communities move continuously, sometimes seeking fresh prospects, sometimes forced by slavery, war or famine. Always, our movements reinvent us, remixing the possibilities.
  • Adaptation – People and cultures evolve as the traditions and memories we carry with us creatively engage new surroundings and other cultures.|
  • Transformation – We transform ourselves in dialogue with new places, creating new traditions and new cultures. We carry the seeds of creativity that can transform adversity into hope.

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Of course I thought you would be interested & what a great reason to visit San Francisco!