MindspillI really want to blog a deep post on the 5 percenters right now, but I am drunk & still sipping on cheap boxed wine.

Although like this is boxed wine, it’s very good & I am not to ashamed to admit it. In general I find boxed wine tacky & unclassy IMHO (what does this make me). BTW don’t tell anyone that I do drink boxed wine, I have a rep to protect.

Anyway & on another more important note, I had an intense day, I attended the funeral of a family friend who died after a long bout with renal failure & other complications. The funeral lasted about 7 hours, which included the actual funeral, grave site visitation & of course the dinner & fellowship afterwards (which was really good!).

I could not make the grave-site ceremony, but in basic Negro fashion, I made sure that I was able to make it back to the church to eat & chill with my peeples. After my friend & barber (for shaving only) blessed the food, it was on & I got my chicken (a funeral dinner is not a funeral dinner without good damn chicken) & some wonderful home baked pound cake.

While funerals are usually sad and soul taxing, this funeral was quite different. It was very lively | full of action (song & dance) | testimonies | joy | action. There were of course tears but more like tears of happiness.

OK, I’m out until tomorrow: I need to refill my glass (this one is for you Crystal (imagine me doing the Bankhead Bounce all the way to the floor as only you could)!)

Embrace the African within You & master your Double Consciousness!