Mindspill Part I: Since I got my new Mac Book Pro last month, I have been busy designing new background wallpapers to make my shit look even better. I have a collection of 12 now & wanted to share with my readers/friends/you.

Check out my latest designs by ç. Feel free to down load & enjoy, especially if you have a wide screen laptop or desktop. The file sizes are somewhat large but worth the wait to download if you are in dial up. Wait a minute, if you are on dial up, leave my blog now & get yo’ azz some high speed like now & join the new millennium (end of rant)

Please give me feedback & don’t be afraid to say my shit is wack, weird or anything in the middle, I am a Byg Boy.


Part II: So today I was @ work & bored as hell wishing I was at home lying in the backyard, then I started to think abut my beautiful new Mac Book Pro (I just love it!). As I was thinking about it, I ran a Google search to find some Mac groups to join or at least check out but I did not find much. Since I was not coming up with anything I narrowed my search for Black Mac owners & found nothing at all.

Since I did not find anything related to Black peeples & Macs, I started to ask myself, how many Black people really can afford a Mac, know the difference between a Mac & a PC or really even give a fuck.

I do know of 2 Brotha’s @ U of M (my employer) that have Macs but that is it, every one else is well you know…

Do you know any Black Mac owners, are you a Mac owner or have you ever thought of getting one? Next time I go to the computer lab @ school, I will take note on how Black or other minority students are suing the Macs.

OK last question; is this anything that should be figured out, should I leave it alone & just know that I am at least a Black Mac owner or what???