MindspillJuly 12th is my wedding anniversary & this year like years prior, Suite Suzy & I celebrate in NYC. We used to go to Toronto to celebrate it 4 years ago we decided to switch it up because I was sick of going to Toronto but we needed to be in a big city.

So anyway, we left on the 12th to catch our 620am flight, which we missed due to some slight oversleeping. We were so close to being able to make the flight but because American Airlines sucks like ass & the gate agent appeared to be a Mongoloid we were not allowed to get on because the last check in was 546am & we got to the gate at 551. How fucked up!

Our next option was to wait until the 1053am flight, which we did in what seemed to be the basement of Detroit Metro airport. Although I was pissed off @ American and myself for “slightly oversleeping”, I made the best of the situation & started to read “Do You Take This Woman” by RM Johnson (I am previewing this steamy novel for Simon & Schuster). I am not a quick reader so I was able to get through the first 5 drama filled chapters. As I wrapped up the 5th chapter, I peeked out of the window & saw Rikers Island then BOOM, touch down. Still looking out of the window as it screamed down the runway I also saw Donald Trump’s 727 jet (sounds weird but I was kinda excited).

We got our bags & waited for my home girl Dr. V to pick us up & drop us off at the Wellington Hotel (Crack Hotel) in Manhattan. After some drama with our room we bitched at the front desk & got a better room that had a much larger bathroom. The bathroom in our 1st room was so small, the sink and shower was one piece & the toilet set was so small, I had to be very creative to take care of some “business” aKa number…

OK so the room drama is over, I am freshened and ready to hit the streets. Suite Suzy and I ventured to Times Square, like all of the other tourists had some lunch at Junior’s (the new Manhattan location) and chilled. After we walked off lunch we stopped at @ Serenity Nail & Spa and got pedicures, actually I got a sea salt pedicure while Suite Suzy got a full-blown mani/pedi. As home girl worked my feet and legs with her magic hands I passed out; I was already tired so sitting in the pulsating massage chair getting worked like I was perfect. After I came to, Suite Suzy drying her nails and it was like 30 minutes later. After Suite Suzy is dry, we make our way back to the crack hotel in the rain to get dressed for the 800pm show for “The Color Purple”.

Seeing the “Color Purple” was not on my Broadway to do list but Suite Suzy was able to get some $26.00 tickets, so this made it worthwhile. We arrived at the Broadway Theater about 715pm for the 8pm show to see the in to get in wrapped around the building majorly. While the line was long, I enjoyed being in it congregating with beautiful and sharply dressed Black peeples from all over who came to NYC just to see this theatrical performance. One of my favorite things to see is a group of sharply dressed Black peeples especially at cultural events. After a 30 wait in line, we got into the theater, took our nosebleed seats & waited for the show to begin.

Although we were in the 2nd to last row of seats in the balcony, the view was still GREAT (especially with my glasses on). My bottom line on “The Color Purple” is that it is a must see! The movie is one of my favorites but the stage play is one a different level. In the movie the stories jumps from character to character telling their story, while the stage play really focused on Celie.

I enjoyed how I was able to better understand Celie’s character and process the feminist message that I overlooked each time I watched the movie. Ironically, Shug was one of my favorite characters from the movie but that has changed after seeing the play. I never thought she was the hoe that her father made her out to be but seeing how she did Celie… I also feel differently about Harpo, his character was well developed and rounder then in the movie. One somewhat the same not, I appreciate Mister’s father “Pop” now. Like on the movie his character was pretty flat but the stage play gave more history on why he was such a mean bastard. The movie never mentioned that he was a former slave who grew up on the same property that he gave to Mister.

Moving on: stage set was phenomenal & very animated, the music was engaging & emotional, the character interactions & scene transitions were flawless.

Oh! BTW, my favorite character next to Celie is of course….… SOPHIA!

After the play, we got drenched by non-stop rain as we walked to Victors Cuban Restaurant for a impeccable meal & the best Mojitos ever. After dinner, I: was drunk, exhausted, needed another shower, did not want to go back to the crack hotel.

The rest of the trip was action packed as we crisscrossed the city by subway visiting uptown, downtown, Harlem, Brooklyn, Soho, China Town, Little Italy, Central park etc.

My favorite moments on this trip were:

  • Touring the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
  • Eating lunch at Junior’s (Brooklyn)
  • Seeing the Color Purple
  • Getting 2 new pairs of Puma’s @ Bloomingdales for 59.99 (no tax)
  • Eating lunch at Sal Anthony’s (Little Italy)
  • My 8 Mojitos @ Victors’ Cafe (2 on the first day there, 3 the next day for happy hour, 3 at dinner Saturday (I told you that their Mojitos were the bomb)
  • Last but not least keeping the love alive with my baby’s mamma

What turned me off on this trip:

  • Leaving my camera @ home on the kitchen table
  • Missing both of my flights (to & from)
  • Staying at the Wellington “Crack” Hotel (we usually stay at Le Parker Meridian but Suite Suzy wanted to save a few hundred bucks (never again)
  • Smelling all of the horse shit while chilling at Central Park (6 & Central Park West entrance)
  • The 5%’ers aka the 5% Network in Harlem & later the same night in Times Square (Dressed like Africka Bambaata). I was digging their message but their delivery/presentation was poor
  • The Fulton Street Mall (Brooklyn)

OK so now our time in NYC is over, & I am typing @ LaGuardia gate C6 somewhat pissed off. We missed our 310pm flight a) because Kevicha was late picking us up & b) there was a horrible traffic jam on the FDR. Even if Kevicha picked us up on time we would have still been fucked & stuck on the Triboro Bridge, I am just happy that we did not catch a cab because that would have been expensive as hell being stuck in traffic for who knows how long. We got to the airport 7 minutes after the last check it (I now hate American). As I wait to see if we will make it on the next flight, things are not looking so hot. It’s 632pm now, the flight has not started to board but the plane is here and they are not saying that the luggage is too heavy. I would be happy to spend another night here but all of my shit is on board the plane (FUCK!!!).

I’m back with an update:

  • It is now 816pm & I was able to get on the already late 630pm flight out of LaGuardia.
  • I have just finished reading another 5 chapters of “Do You Take This Woman”
  • I am listening to my Incognito playlist on my new beautiful black 30 GB iPod
  • I thinking about having a cocktail tonight to wind down before bed.

Side note: I am not really a drunk as it may appear, I just enjoy a light to moderate buzz several times a week.