MindspillAlthough the week is not over, I just needed to get this out! I pray that I will continue to be on the positivity track for the next few days to make this an unforgettable week. So here what’s so good.

Please comment on what’s good about your week, I just know that I am not the only one out there with all of this positive energy going on.


  • We celebrated my youngest daughter Amelia’s 1st birthday on (Go Boo Boo!). Amelia is now 26lbs 4oz & 33″ tall & above average intelligence. Not only is she big, she is also smart


  • I got my new 30GB Black Ipod Monday & I am so loving it!
  • My daughter Olivia got her Yellow Belt in Karate
  • My little sister Sade was notified that she qualified for a track meet scheduled


  • My nephew Bay Bay was born weighing in at 7lbs 2oz (my sister got mad at me when I mentioned that he was slightly larger than a crack baby LOL)
  • I had a spicy 2 piece (breast & wing), red beans & rice & 2 biscuits from Popeye’s


  • I got my new 15″ Mac Book Pro with Glossy screen. This item has been on my wish list since X-mas 05 & I finally broke down & go it
  • I got a 30 minute neck & back massage that totally put this awesome week over the top
  • I sold my first 2 tickets to my Get on the Bus Tour II


  • I was contacted by Simon & Schuster Publishing to do a book review on “Do You Take This Woman” by author J.M. Johnson. “Do You Take This Woman” is due to be released August 8th, 2006. Stay tuned for more details!

    “Once again RM Johnson creates a riveting and enthralling new novel that explores the testing of a bond between two childhood friends, Pete and Wayne, when they both fall in love with the same woman. Relationships will be tested – and the question is will they survive? Do You Take This Woman? is a sexy blend of friendship and romance that will take you on a startlingly real and emotional roller-coaster ride of betrayal, sex, lies, and, ultimately, love.”


  • I beat a 35 dollar parking ticket in Ferndale, MI court (PWB – Parking While Black). After I won, I hit downtown Detroit & winded up getting a new parking ticket (SFTMS – Should have feed the meter stupid). I am so happy that I beat the one ticket & now only have to come out of the pocket with 20 bucks.
  • Just before I got the ticket, I ran into one of my internet friends CarmelSoul aKa Andrea & we kicked it @ Spectacles with my girl Zana. This set of a chain of events for me and Zana for the evening, which had me at a fashion show, Northern Lights Lounge for dinner & drinks, in a crack induced haze, seeing Common perform at the Detroit Taste fest, catching Lola Valley’s performance at Northern Lights, then hitting the J Dilla Party @ 5th Ave Detroit. We never got into the party because of some drama at the door with an asshole security rent-a-cop. So basically the night ended @ 1230am which was cool because I was tired any damn way (a good thing).

    • btw just kidding about the crack induced haze


  • I am still Young, Gifted & Black
  • I am just damn blessed