MindspillWhen I saw this story it reminded me of something that happened to one of my teenage cousins recently. Hearing about stories like this angers me & the anger is only exacerbated when I hear what the po-po has to say about why they beat the shot out of someone. In this, the police claim that all this drama came about because the victim was blocking traffic & resisting arrest.

OK first of all, since when did it take 4 police officers for a pedestrian infraction. Two, is it really resisting arrest if you are defending yourself from an ass-whooping?
Queens Family Accuses NYPD Officers Of Police Brutality

A Department of Correction veteran wants the charges against her son dropped and officers arrested in what she calls a case of police brutality.

Her 17-year-old son Xavier Simpson says four police officers assaulted him while he walked down the street in Queens on June 8th because he was black.

He claims an NYPD officer in an unmarked car called him over and then, without warning, punched, choked and strip searched him. Police dispute the story.

Simpson, who has a broken wrist and is said to have other injuries, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

He and his mother want the officers involved arrested and suspended.

“I felt helpless, I felt like as if I was going to die,” said Simpson. “I thought they were going to kill me.”

“He has a fractured right elbow and a broken wrist because he answered the cops questions, because he obeyed the law, because he was walking while black. We shouldn’t have a saying like that. We cannot stand for this anymore,” said his mother Shawnique Simpson.

The NYPD responded by saying, “the individual was observed by police in the middle of the street impeding north and south bound traffic… He was arrested for disorderly conduct and for resisting arrest after fighting efforts to handcuff him.”

See video of victim & mother