Mindspill This list is inspired by actual events & a recent argument had with my wonderfully selfish mother “mother”. I try not to air my dirty laundry on the mind spill but I am upset right now & need to get this out or implode.

I love my mother to death but sometimes, she trips me out to the point where I can not believe. With all of this I offer the following.

How do you know when your parent is not the best:

  • When you have to give them gas money to visit you
  • When they do not offer to watch your kids
  • When they make your wife who has just given birth by cesarean section clean up a mess that the newborn made that requires my wife to scrub a stain out of the carpet as the parent-in-law bitches about her life while sipping on Arbor Mist
  • When they do not come to their grandchild’s baptism & offers no explanation
  • When they tell you that they don’t have time to baby-sit because they raised their kids & not about to raise yours
  • When you have to pay them to baby-sit
  • When you cannot barrow their mixer; in this case a Kitchen-Aid) for 1 week until I can purchase an additional one for myself. I need two for an additional mixer because… well wait, I will post on the reason why I need to soon.
  • When they fucked up your credit before you left the house at 18 years of age
  • When the make you eat weenie beanie as her & her man eat steak & shrimp
  • I need to stop here

I reserve the right to add to this list if I can think of anything else my mother has done to piss me off over the last 32 years. This list happens to be from some recent shit that just does not sit well with me. This post may be removed, once I calm down or…