Mindspill I saw link to this movie on Damali Ayo panhandling for reparations payments from white people on the streets at & I am happy that I found it. I think I am now inspired to try to collect reparations myself but I do not think I will be giving out any receipts. I may start this weekend. Please see this movie & send it to 3 friends!

Click here for the video
Here is another great site on this

From Damali Ayo

As a part of my evolving DIY Reparations program I panhandle for reparations on the streets of various cities across the United States.

I choose various locations wearing a sign indicating the history of slavery in the United States. I offer people a convenient opportunity to pay for the unpaid labor of African Americans, the travesty of slavery, and the promise of reparations.

Those who make a payment are offered a receipt.

“”Living flag journal” (portland 2003)

…A woman came up and began to yell at me. she said i was uneducated and stupid. that i should just get over it. she was viciously angry. she yelled over and over that i was uneducated. my ivy-league diploma peeked over my shoulder, looking back at her with amazement.

A group of white kids and one black kid, about 11 years old, maybe 13, came by i told the black young man that he didn’t have to pay and he raised his fist and said “black power.” and “yeah, they should pay us.”

A young woman put money in my can and said “i’m sorry.” it was powerful as all honest apologies are. something about a real apology opens the heart and makes room for connection and communication. living in a society whose main core value is “everyone for themselves” is a damaging way of life. it strips us of humanity. it is cruel and cold.

My take at the end of a couple of hours: $16.32. No one accepted a receipt.”