MindspillMy little sister Baby will be having her 1st child in less than a month from now, who will be my 1st nephew (already nick named cousin Bay Bay). Anyway I was looking for a special gift for him this new little prince and I stumbled upon one of the most ridiculous items I have ever seen in my life on has the nerve to have a diamond crusted pacifier going to 17k. I am not sure who would really buy this; I mean will it be the ghetto fabulous paid rapper it movie star or some rich as socialite?

The deluxe binky is solid white gold with 278 diamonds & here’s the description from the site:

“We’re pleased to introduce our exclusive line of custom Diamond Pacifiers, the newest trend in celebrity baby gifting, available at Our sparkly Diamond Pacifiers feature over 278 pave cut white diamonds totaling 3 carats with a 14K European nickel-free white gold base. An exact replica of a real pacifier, Diamond Pacifiers features a genuine silicone nipple and a real moving handle. Pacifiers can be customized with colored diamonds and engraved with baby’s name or initial, birth date or birth weight. Though we do not recommend actual use, the Diamond pacifier makes a fabulous, upscale keepsake and will become a new classic to that of bronzing baby shoes! Price: $17.000”

Because I am not a celebrity & this shit costs almost as much as my SUV, I will not be getting one of theses & may settle on a basic 7 dollar personalized pacifier.