Mind Spill Blog Once again on a Friday I ventured to the movies last week to see the much debated “The Da Vinci Code” mainly to check out all of the hype. Last Friday was the 1st time I was able to make it to the movies in time to see the previews so I happy about that but by the time the previews were over, it was 6:25 the movie’s “start” was 6:00. Anyway, of course I did not read the book, why because I always wait for the movie, HELLO!

I was apprehensive somewhat about the movies “star” Tom Hanks (Robert Langdon) because I am not a fan of his, but I guess the sad thing for me is that his movies are 9 times out of 10 really good – awesome. With this said, “The Da Vinci Code” was awesome! The beginning scenes were somewhat eerie & a little intense, dealing with murder, a cloaked Albino, self mutilation in the name of Christ & mysterious anagrams scattered about.

The pace of the move was very steady to fast (you definitely should use the restroom before the movie starts to not miss anything). I found myself anxiously awaiting the next calculated movies of Robert Langdon & his accomplice Sophie Neveu (French actress Audrey Tautou). The two became allies when Sophie’s estranged grandfather who was member of the Priory of Sion was murdered for a secret that he had that would shatter Christianity and or man kind as we know it. Shortly after the murder Robert Langdon was implicated as the perpetrator & it was on from there

According to Dan Brown (Author) & some others, the Priory of Sion “is a real organization”, “a European secret society founded in 1099”: “In 1975 Paris Bibliothèque Nationale discovered parchments known as Les Dossiers Secrets, identifying numerous members of the Priory of Sion, including Sir Isaac Newton, Botticelli, Victor Hugo, and Leonardo Da Vinci”. I have read that the Priory’s existence in really life is reputed.

The deadly secret was basically the existence of Mary Magdalene’s final resting place, the secret marriage to Jesus, their love child, & the family line that continues through present day. This was such a secret because allegedly the Christian faith was supposed to have been led by Mary instead of Jesus’ boys. But after the death of Jesus, Mary was whisked off for her safety, had the child & lived her life in protection by Priory of Sion.

The Holy Grail – In Christian mythology, the Holy Grail was the dish, plate, or cup used by Jesus at the Last Supper, said to possess miraculous powers. The book/movie alleges that Mary Magdalene is actually the elusive Holy Grail & she was the vessel that held the blood of Jesus Christ in her womb while bearing his children.

The antagonist/bad guy in the was Opus Dei sect which is a spin off of the Catholic church who wanted to stop any possible knowledge of Jesus and Mary’s marriage and love child. The Opus Dei Bishop Aringarosa (Alfred Molina) was willing to stop at nothing to ensure that the secret was never found out, by way of killing anyone who may be protecting the secret. With his authority, Aringarosa was able to enlist the self mutilating scary looking Albino killer, and the lead investigator of the case Captain Fache (Captain Fache)

As Sophie & Robert made several exciting escapes from the police etc, they were finally able to get the assistance of one of Roberts old colleagues Sir Leigh Teabing (Ian McKellen). Teabing proved to be a big help in the quest for finding out the secrets of the Priory & was an even bigger help when he offered to get them out of the country on his private plane. As the dealings with Teabing continued, it became clear that he was not really a help, but actually one of the bad guys who set up Sophie & Robert all along.After the huge betrayal and the revelation that that Robert did not commit murder, the secret that had been hidden for centuries was finally revealed & although it seemed obvious at the end, it still was a shocker for me.

“The Da Vinci Code” had elements that reminded me of, “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”, & “The Ninth Gate” (2 of my favorite movies).After the movie, I met Suite Suzy & the kids for dinner & she told me that when she had drove past the theater, Jesus Freaks were out picketing the theater for showing the blasphemous movie (get a life).

What I did like:

  • The intensity & drama of the opening museum murder scene
  • The lunch box car chase scene
  • The break down & description of the First Council of Nicaea
  • The manipulation of the Last Supper painting by Teabing
  • The beat down of the Albino
  • The Rosslyn Chapel discovery & revelations
    The suspensful soundtrack

What I did not like:

  • The sexual tension between Robert & Sophie
    The paganistic sex scene involving the Grandfather
  • Self mutilating Albino
    The betrayal (but this did help make the movie)
    The bitchy detective

Advertised Synopsis:
Famed symbologist Professor Robert Langdon is called to the Louvre museum one night where a curator has been murdered, leaving behind a mysterious trail of symbols and clues. With his own survival at stake, Langdon, aided by the police cryptologist Sophie Neveu, unveils a series of stunning secrets hidden in the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, all leading to a covert society dedicated to guarding an ancient secret that has remained hidden for 2000 years. The pair set off on a thrilling quest through Paris, London and Scotland, collecting clues as they desperately attempt to crack the code and reveal secrets that will shake the very foundations of mankind.

Opening Weekend BO figures:

Quick Albino Factoid:
Michael McGowan, an albino who heads the National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation (NOAH), said “The Da Vinci Code” will be the 68th movie since 1960 to feature an evil albino.

My thoughts on the possibility of Jesus & Mary:
I don’t care! He was a man, men have needs, Mary was experienced & there you have it. I maybe a fool, but I do not understand why some have a hard time believing the possibility of a continued blood line from Jesus, I mean anything is possible. Sure John Brown’s information& sources might be shady to non existent but hey that was like a few thousands of years ago and man has a tendency to cover up historical facts that are not glamorous.

So dark the con of man