Mind Spill BlogI am at work right now bored & sleepy as hell dreaming of the time to drive off to go home & take a nap. I kinda considering going to the movies but I left my bank card in the ATM last Sunday like an idiot & still waiting on the bank to send me a new one. Wait I forgot I have cash, the 52 dollars I got for selling my text books back (what a fucking joke). One of the books was 75 when I got it & the other was 40 something, the bookstore believes in financially raping it’s patrons.

Anyway, today I got some good news from my manager who was approved to give me a 10% raise after haggling with our HR dept who wanted to only give me 5% (cheap). A brotha needs to get paid & 5% ain’t shit especially when you got 3 greedy assed kids. I was truly hoping for at least 15% but I am happy with what I got because it will make a difference.

Since I have been @ U of M (4 years & 6 days today) I have seen my salary grow significantly as I make strategic moves to make it happen. I have been luck enough to have 3 really good directors/managers who have been Pro-Bygbaby. My current director really goes to bat for her people & promotes professional development at all cost.

I think I will by a new pair of shows & a Dashiki tomorrow to celebrate my new raise (just like a nigga to spend what he ain’t got). But then, then raise will be banked because this is what I promised myself to do once I got it no matter how much it was.