Mind Spill Blog Last week while surfing on the Honey Soul message board, I was put up on a new (to me) artist named Hil St. Soul. Hil St. Soul dropped her 3rd album “Soulidified” April 18, 06 & it is packed with some awesome & addicting tracks. Since I got “Soulidified” I have been listening to it almost non-stop. This past weekend while developing a website, I think I listened to it for like 5 hrs straight & now I think I know all of the lyrics.

“Soulidified” has a great flow & I find that it has a good variation of sound & subject matter. Hil St. Soul’s voice is soulfully clear & rich it is almost ridiculous in. I feel like I have really missed out on her previous work after I did some searching online & heard some cuts from “Soul Organic” (debut album – 1999) “Copasetik & Cool” (sophomore album – 2004). By luck I was able to find “Copasetik & Cool” for 7 bucks on Amazon Monday so I snatched it up & cannot wait for it to arrive. I am going to chill a bit on getting Soul Organic because it is going for anything between 25-49 bucks for the Import (which I prefer).

Before I read Hil St. Soul’s bio, I knew she was from Philly or NY based on her vibe, but I was majorly wrong. She is actually from London by way of Zambia Africa & I guess this tripped me out, because there is no hint of an accent at all (not that it matters as long as you sound good).

I am recommending that any & everybody pick up “Soulidified” whenever possible so that they do not miss out on the beautifully talented Sister. You will not be disappointed & I say that without reservation. I am sure they are not playing her on commercial radio, because I think the people that are into commercial radio are ready for a real artist such as Hil St/ Soul because they are stuck in the Matrix of the big music industry.

My favorite Cuts:

From “Soulidified”

  • Smokey Joint (great theme for those who like to blaze)
  • Baby Come Over (ft: Dwele)
  • Hey Boy
  • 2 Good to be True
  • Can we Spend Some Time
  • Goodbye******

From “Copasetik & Cool”

  • Pieces******
  • For the Love of You (Isley Brothers Cover that she reinvents)
  • All That (+ a Bag O Chips) (Mushtaq Remix)

Bio from Hil St. Soul’s Myspace page:

Born in Lusaka, Zambia, Hilary Mwelwa relocated to London with her family at age five. As a child she adopted her father’s love of music, as their home was immersed with the sounds of traditional Zambian music along with such American R&B/soul icons as Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. As a graduate of London’s Westminster University, Hilary had early ambitions to go into the science field and earned a degree in biological sciences. She shares, “While I was in school studying sciences, I started to explore my musical interests and I decided that I wanted to pursue music more seriously. I took a year off from school and during this time I recorded my first demo. I have never had formal music training but I was brought up on a diet of soul, R&B, Gospel and pop music from an early age.”

Luckily for us Hilary Mwelwa’s path has led her to follow her heart and her music. She concludes, I could have pursued a nice comfortable career path but music is where my heart is. I do believe that everything you do in life leads you to your ultimate destiny. My personal motto is live life to the fullest and to spend your time doing what you love. You have to enjoy each day as if it were your last. “I’m a fan of good music. The kind that hits you in the heart, mind and soul!” says Hilary Mwelwa, the next British R&B phenomenon destined to win over American R&B and soul devotees. USA Today declares, Mwelwa’s vocals are always enticing while Vibe Magazine heralds Mwelwa’s rich, velvety voice warms the inside like a spot of tea.

The 20-something year-old chanteuse along with her musical partner Victor Redwood Sawyer (founder of the award-winning hip hop group Blak Twang), make up Hil St. Soul, one of the hottest groups to emerge from London’s underground music scene in recent years. Hil St. Soul has toured with such individual artists as Macy Gray, Angie Stone and D’Angelo.