Mind Spill Blog Today is the big day & I take my math final my math final! I have been studying all day & will continue to prepare until the drop dead time. Will the Math Dummy prevail & move on to the next level???

Suite Suzy basically told me that If I did not take the final that she was going to never let me live it down & that happens to be one of her specialties.

My instructor & I had the following correspondence status post chapter ten test.

Hi Brian,

You earned a 61.5% on the Chapter 10 test. I hope you decide to complete the Final Exam. It will give you a sense of how much you learned this semester. You may surprise yourself.

Hello X,

My wife & some friends actually gave me a serious pep talk today, so I will be doing the final & working hard to make it happen. Since I have been back in school, I am only maintained A’s & B’s so this is a hard challenge for me to deal with. I have put so much hard work & hours into to through in the towel now.

So I guess don’t count me out now. 🙂 Can you also remind me of all of my quiz scores 6-9 (again)

Hi Brian,

I’m glad to hear that you have a support network that won’t let you quit.

Your scores for each chapter are:

Chapter 6- 60%
Chapter 7-70%
Chapter 8-78%
Chapter 9-53%

Your average is 64.5%. This accounts for 70% of your grade.

You will receive full credit for homework.

It is totally reasonable for you to pass this class somewhere in the C-range.

Good luck!


I just cannot wait for Tuesday to be here, the fucking end of this majorly intense semester. I usually go to Chili’s after my last class to celebrate, but I think this semester I will chill on the traditions because I just ain’t (yes I said ain’t) in a celebratory mood.

Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!! Mind Spill Blog