Mind Spill Blog After work I took I decided to kick off the weekend with a movie after work & got a ticket to see “The Sentinel“. I wanted to see it last weekend, but time go the best of me as always. Before I actually went in the theater I had to stop to get my popcorn & large mixed icee (yes of course), actually to be cheap I decided to get a medium icee & medium popcorn. Homegirl at the register asked if I wanted to “go large” for only ¢75 & I gently told her no.

OK the clock is ticking & I am missing the previews because I was a little late & not she is moving like a turtle to make my drink & popcorn, so it is not 3 minutes later since she took my order & comes back with a large popcorn & icee. I was shocked because I know damn well I told her no I wanted a medium, but it looked so good, I just said fuck it (in my mind).

8 minutes after I arrive I enter the theater to see what I anticipated to be a good movie & at the nick of time as the opening credits started to appear (still made I missed the previews). Anyway the movie started off at a decent pace building momentum as the scenes proceeded to get intense with intertwined drama on many levels. As many know, Eva Longoria (Jill Marin) was appeared in the movie & her entrance in the story was interesting & very sex based as I am sure this is why they put her in the movie.

Eva was a rookie Secret Service agent who reported to a bitter Kiefer Sutherland (David Breckinridge – his voice is creepy to me ever since “Phone Booth”. Then we have Michael Douglas (Pete Garrison) & Kim Basinger (Sarah Ballentine), I only found out that KB was in the movie the other day & that further drove me wanting to see the movie.

Because Michael Douglas was the star in the movie, I knew that he was going to get a piece somewhere during the movie, but was very surprised that he got broke off by KB who portrayed the wife (FLODUS) of the PODUS (west wing lingo) aKa the President if The United States aKa the “Decider”. From here all the pieces of a superb suspense thriller came together: Murder, Espionage, Back stabbing, Frustrating Sexual tension, & a Good Gun fight.

I did not really pay attention to the critics when the movie came out nor did I see a preview, I kinda just went to see it on the basis of MD & EL staring in it, which really worked out as my expectations were divinity met & exceeded. I usually watch any movie that deal with government conspiracy, I guess I really enjoy seeing these powerful people being broke down & sometimes fucked up (hoping that life will imitate art in present day).

“The Sentinel” reminded me somewhat of “In the line of Fire” (1993), which started my boys John Malkovich & Clint Eastwood, (if you never saw this, it is a great rental!), which dealt with an assassination attempt on the PODUS, wait, just remember another movie in the same genre that I really like which is the remake of the “The Manchurian Candidate” (2004) with Denzel.

Much like the “The Manchurian Candidate’s Denzel, MD was also framed/blamed for the assassination attempt on the PODUS; & of course they both worked to bring the real assassinators to justice while trying to clear themselves as they make covert moves to avoid capture. Related thought, is OJ still looking for the real assassinator of Nicole???

What I did like:

  • The rapid progressions of the story as it just continued to flow without dull moments
  • Seeing Eve Longoria plat a character who is not a whiny rich bitch
  • The seeing Marine 1 go down in flames
  • The mall shoot out
  • The final shoot out & assassination attempt
  • The great cinemaphotography

What I did not like:

  • Having to go to the restroom during the middle of an intense moment when the affair was…
  • The fact that the first person killed was black!!!
  • The way the PODUS straight up left FLODUS when the bullets started flying (what a bitch)
  • The fact that PODUS never got shot (I sometimes root for the bad guy)

Advertised Synopsis:
Pete Garrison is the most decorated agent in the history of the Secret Service – the president’s last line of defense. But now, wrongly suspected of targeting the president for assassination, Garrison has become the Service’s worst nightmare. As he uses his formidable skills to try and prove his innocence and find the real assassin, Garrison is tracked by his equally adept former protégé.

Opening Weekend BO figures:

  • Ranked in 3rd place
  • Grossed 14.3 Million
  • Shown on 2819 Screens