Mind Spill Blog Ok, so after my school drama was all said & done with yesterday, as posted I did my stint @WDET & had lots of fun with my fellow volunteers packing pledge premiums from 6-830 & did hang out with Cousin Dee. Cousin Dee & I went to “Trendy” Ferndale, MI for a delicious Thai dinner, then afterward to The Bosco for drinks & “No Wax Wednesday.

No Wax Wednesday, is where the party goers are the DJ all night long & all you need is an Mp3 player ready to go with your jams. You get to play 3 of your songs & I was really ready to go because I had 19 of my current favorite tracks ready to go. By the time the night was over, Cousin Dee I had several B52’s & Mojito’s, making for a very good Wednesday night buzz. I think & I am sure that Cousin Dee would agree that the best part of the evening was when we actually go to “Battle” on the dance floor (actually on the pseudo turn table call out Mp3 players.

If you are in Detroit or the surrounding area, you have to check out The Bosco! The crowd was good & diverse, the atmosphere is very Euro Chic, & the drinks passed the test. I hope to go back soon so that I can battle with Cousin Dee or another willing to take me on: I have over 35K songs & always ready to Mp3 battle.

My Battle Playlist for 04/26/06:

  • Tom Tom Club – Wordy Rappingham
  • LaChat – You Ain’t Mad iz Ya
  • Voom Voom – Roger
  • Xaver Fisher Trio – Follow Me
  • Soul Music – Soul Music

All in all, the battle was a draw: We both played some jams! Peace for now as it is time for my nightly nap,