Mind Spill Blog I think I am going to skip my last test in my math class today. Why? Last week, I approached my instructor & asked her what I needed to do to pass & after she told me my heart sank.

Basically, I have to get a 90% on the last test & bust an 80% on the final. So when she said that, I was like I can do it so I studied hard like always (with it never really paying off) & now I am like fuck it. I know I am not going to get a 90%, sit I could barley get a 70% on the other tests & the final is a fucking pipe dream.

I feel like an idiot because, I never give up & always find a way to make it through. This class will be a serious blow to my GPA, not to mention the fact that I have to pay my employer back for the tuition advance that I received. I guess since I am making this decision, this will give me time to prepare for my Poli Sci final next Monday, which I am going to pass. I do now know what to do from hear about making up the math class.

I am really trippin’ on this so help me out (show me that I am not alone & a total loser); have you had to drop because you knew the situation was bleak or have to make up a fail class? If yes to either, don’t be shamed. Am I contributing tot the plight of the Black man???

***Note to self: Suite Suzy is going to be pissed & turned off when I tell her of my decision! End Note***

To celebrate my decision, I will be hanging @ The Bosco after some Thai food with Cousin Dee tomorrow night following my volunteer shift at my favorite radio station in the whole wide world; WDET FM. I hope I get a chance to see Ed Love because he is the man & his show is the bomb. If you are a jazz fan, then his program is for you. The show can be streamed online, s bring some of Detroit to your town, bedroom, living room, or where ever you are reading this.

I think I am getting over my decision as I continue to type. See how I went from trippin’ to Jazz. My it’s just me Euphoric Dependent Narcissistic Schizophrenic disorder.

Confessions of a Math Dummy,