Mind Spill Blog I saw my surgeon this past Friday & my ankle is getting better & I only have to wear my cast fro one more week. This coming Friday I have to see a specialist who makes orthodic devices, so that I can be fitted for a custom ankle brace. I was told that this brace would cost approx 500 bucks & my insurance will not cover, but my surgeon said he will fight like hell to get them to pay for it.

I guess if it all boils down to it & it helps, I will come out of my pocket vs. suffering from having a fucked up ankle at the age of 31. If you hear a story on the news about an angry Black man robbing a bank for 500 dollars, you know who it is. LOL.

I hate to think about what things will be like years from now. Anyway, I also have to attend physical therapy twice a week for a month. I am happy school is almost over, so that I can concentrate on getting better. Pass or fail!