Mind Spill Blog Dear readers, friends, family & you:

I have been out of it for the last few weeks & have not been able to post anything due to my school, work & business schedule; the long & short of it is that I am burned out & ready for this semester to be fucking over so that I can have more time for self. There have been so many things that I needed to write about from a) more ghetto news, b)politics c) angry ass Mexicans about ready to tear the country up & d) the nasty ass toilets at my job & the nasty people who make them nasty (more on this later).

To relieve some end of semester stress, I hope to go to the Detroit Film Theater to see L’enfant (The Child) & have dinner @ Vicente’s Cuban Cuisine afterward; they have the best avocado salad but the Mojito’s are not that great.

Anyway, I did want to share with you all, my latest 2 web designs that recently went live from the Design Port; Let’s Face It Photography & Lasting Impressions Cleaning Company.

I am excited to see my portfolio start to take off in several directions with challenging & exciting projects. You can easily share in my growth by referring customers to me & collecting a 50 dollar referral bonus for any successfully completed web design. On a side note, the Design Port was listed in the April 2006 Ann Arbor Business Review as one of the newest members to the Ann Arbor Chamber of Commerce, I am super excited about that!!!

Here is a link to my latest promotional desktop wallpaper; once open, right click images & select “set as my background” then marvel @ your desktop. Please feel free to share.

Peace & thx for listening,
Brian aKa Bygbaby