Mind Spill Blog After reading the story below, I do not see why Bill is receiving all the bad feed back for telling the truth as it stand pre & post Hurricane Katrina. I do not understand why “we” sometimes have such a hard time accepting the hard cold facts from us about us.

If there is no one to put it all on the table then will we continue to live with the pink elephant that resides in our communities with the pink elephant being drugs, teen pregnancy, broken homes, mis-education etc.

The only thing that I can say about Bill is that I lost some respect fro him after that little affair bit last year. I mean, him & Camille are supposed to be one of the many example of what life can be like as man & wife. But I guess he is just a man like everyone else & has faults (nasty ones).

Another thing is that I think it is great to talk about issues, but even better when you are actively working on & implementing solutions. As Tavis Smiley says, “don’t talk about it, be about it.”


Posted on the Post Chronicle

At a rally attended by Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton on Saturday, comedian and actor Bill Cosby urged residents of hurricane-ravaged New Orleans, Louisiana, to “cleanse” themselves from the city’s history of crime, violence, drugs and teen pregnancies.

Cosby has come under fire by the civil-rights establishment for comments made across the U.S., in which he’s told young blacks to turn away from influences in rap music, stop violence and underage sex, and focus more on education and morality.

Cosby told the crowd, “It’s painful, but we can’t cleanse ourselves unless we look at the wound. Ladies and gentlemen, you had the highest murder rate, unto each other. You were dealing drugs to each other. You were impregnating our 13-, 12-, 11-year-old children. What kind of a village is that?”

At the rally in N.O. — a city devastated by Hurricane Katrina last August — Cosby told 2,000 people in front of the Convention Center of his desire for the city’s society to have an “extreme make-over.”

As is usual, Cosby is being slammed by most civil-rights leaders and black pundits who claim his comments hurt “the cause.” They’ve attacked his speeches as being insensitive and wrong.
Back to me:

“Maya Angelou said, ‘You know, Bill, you’re a very nice man, but you have a big mouth,’ ” he said. “So I just want to be the big mouth and make them work, make them work, make … make them think.”