Mind Spill Blog After work today, Suite Suzy & I had a movie/dinner date to see “Phat Girlz” to keep the romance alive! Now that we have 3 kids, dates are not as often because no one wants to watch three damn kids; two yeah but three is a handful. Fortunately, Suite Suzy’s mom is patient.

When Suite Suzy proposed going to see last week Phat Girlz, I was like no way, because I knew the crowd would more than likely be a bunch of rowdy “Phat Girlz”, not to mention that I thought it would be no interest to me. I like Mo’Nique, but I was not sure, if I could sit through 2 hours of her fat struggle & everything in between. However I always choose the movie, I had to give in a little to be somewhat fair since SS really wanted to see this flick.

By the time the movie was over, I felt stupid for my prejudgment, why??? Because the movie was off the fucking hook funny, had a story line that I appreciated, & there were only 4 rowdy “Phat Girlz” including a suspected transsexual in the crowd . The movie echoed Mo’nique’s message of positive body image in a health since, self determination, positive relationships & discovery. I basically laughed all the way through the movie as did most of the audience, relating to some of the scenarios & the outrageous antics of Jazmin “Mo’Nique”, Stacey (the Frumpy Fat Friend), & Mia (the “Skinny Bitch” cousin).

I found one of the most interesting parts of the movie to be when Jazmin was discovered by her love interest Tunde an Nigerian Dr in town on business. This was particularly interesting tro me because of the stereotype that Nigerians place on Black Americans which is one of laziness & shiftlessness. Nigerians often refer to Black Americans as Akata’s & at this point in the movie, I was wondering if the word Akata would come out. Well my fears did not come true & the term was not used at all.

Anyway, Tunde was attracted to Jazmin because of her size & the FFF (Frumpy Fat Friend) Stacey got much love, literally & figuratively from Tunde’s friend Akibo while the SBC got no love from Godwin because she was a “Skinny Bitch”. Apparently, in Nigerian & other countries in African find larger women to be more desirable because it is a portrayal of health, wealth, & status. I am not sure if this is true or not, but it sounds good. On the other hand I do know that in many African cultures large men I though to be more desirable because of the portrayal of health, wealth, & status thing.

Another favorite scene in the movie was the Nigerian Dance/Dinner scene 1) because of the beautiful traditional African Dress 2) it was great seeing someone learn about a culture that they are far removed from, but yet apart of; speaking from a African to African American stand point. I was really digging the guy’s dress, as I am a huge fan of Dashiki’s, I was wishing I know who there customer was so that I can purchase some of what was worn. On a separate note, I had to wear on of my newest Dashiki’s today after being inspired by the movie & coincidentally, it is from Nigeria & sharp as hell!

I will not go any further than this on other movie details because I am strongly recommending this movie without reservation. See it soon & keep “POSITIVE” Black interest movies alive (I know that this is subjective but…).

What I did like:

  • The positive self image promotion
  • The development & transformation of all of the characters, especially the FFF (HOT Transformation)
  • The mens African attire
  • Reality based humor & relation to real life scenarios
  • Positive portrayal of African Americans & Nigerians interacting
  • The dozens capping scene & Fat Ass Burger
  • The crying white woman psychotic scene
  • All of the fight scenes
  • Jazim’s short wig
  • PHAT (Pretty Hot And Thick)

What I did not like:

  • The super fast easy pussy release of the FFF
  • All the whining & bitching from the SBC

Advertised Movie Synopsis:

A smart-mouthed aspiring fashion designer struggles to find love and acceptance in a world full of “hot bodied” babes.

Opening Weekend BO figures:

  • Ranked in 9th place
  • Grossed 3.1 Million
  • Shown on 1,060 Screens
  • Total Domestic Gross as of 04/23/06 6.3 Million

Link to trailer