Mind Spill BlogI mention Crack Heads often in some of my posts, so after a conversation with my little sister “Baby” about young back men & women & that state of relationships, I am compelled to quote one of Baby’s statements. “Crack Heads are like Nike Air Force Ones, they will never leave the hood.” When she said that I almost fell out of my chair laughing because I was not expecting such a great, hilarious, & very possible comparison.

The statement is stemming from a portion of the conversation that related to young Black men selling crack in “our” communities. My thing was, why is crack still so popular after 20 years, unrealistically thinking that it would someday go “out of style”. Baby pointed out that as long as the Crack Head exist, so will the wasted life drug dealer.

On an unrelated note, my Baby is 7 months pregnant, with my moms (Nana) 1st grandson. We are so excited about Baby’s baby who, will unfortunately will be named after his father (a Jr.). I was hoping that she would name him Maxwell, which was the name I had picked out for my last child until I found out that I would not be having a boy. I am hoping that I can eventually convince her, so we will see: I still have 2 months to work on it. If I am unsuccessful, I will just stick to the nickname that I already have picked out for him “Bay Bay”. Everybody has to have a cousin “Bay Bay”!