Mind Spill BlogYesterday Cousin Dee & I went to see Basic Instinct II: Risk Addiction with much excitement after work. This was exciting because we saw the 1st Basic Instinct together when we were young teens together & we were way too young to be seeing it (well I was 16 so I guess not that young).

We both loved the Basic Instinct & knew the new movie would be the bomb or at least hoped! I mean we still talk about the first movie & make fun of the club scene in the movie when Roxy was dancing like a psychopath bobbing her head back & forth to many of the funny one-liners. Mind Spill BlogBI II started off pretty hot with a raunchy masturbation scene in a speeding car, which happened to be the most exciting thing in the entire movie. The remainder of the BI II crept along at a snails pace with lots of overt & overdone sex scenes, subliminal messages, dildo shaped buildings & ambiguous relationships. I do not think I have ever heard the word CUM so many times in a movie that was not rated X. It was like every other word was do you wanna cum, can you make me cum, oh my God, I will never cum again; blah, blah, blah.

After talking to Suit Suzy about how bad the move was, she told me that the critics ripped it apart & that the film makers had a difficult time getting the movie down to an R rating. Apparently, they had to go before the movie review board 26 times before they deemed it rated R. I actually did not pay attention to the rating before I saw it, but was thinking through the movie, if it was NC 17.

None of the characters were formed well but I guess on the bright side, they all got fucked one way or the other. I was so hoping that BI II would be much more than it was; an expensive B movie. If you are pressed to see Sharon Stone’s bad boob job & flat ass, then maybe it is worth 8.75+. After it was over I felt “fucked” out of my admission price, but did enjoy the popcorn of course.

My bottom line is save your money & wait for it to come on HBO!

What I did like:

  • Sharon Stone constantly sashaying in every scene whether sitting, standing or laying down (very funny & a new inside joke for me & Cousin Dee)
  • Opening Sex/Car scene (I think most men will agree on this)
  • The Analyst’s bedroom linens
  • How the movie ending revealing the plot or lack there of
  • When Sharon choked the shit out of the Analyst, before he came (sounds nasty but it was kinda hot)

What I didn’t like:

  • Sharon Stone’s flat as a pancake ass
  • Sharon Stone’s bad boob job
  • Ridiculously cheesy one-liners
  • Overt sexuality as compared to the 1st BI where it was sexy without seemingly trying
  • UK Setting, which was boring as a backdrop

Opening Weekend BO figures:

  • Grossed 3.2 Million
  • Shown on 1,453 screens
  • Ranked number 10
  • Ebert & Roper give it a 2 thumbs down

Basic Instinct 1 brought in a total of $352,700,000 in Box Office sales world wide & ranked 98th of 298 movies (source link)

Advertised Movie Synopsis:

In the erotic thriller Basic Instinct 2, after re-locating from San Francisco to London, best-selling crime novelist Catherine Trammel (Sharon Stone) once again finds herself on the wrong side of the law.

Dr. Andrew Glass (David Morrissey) a respected London criminal psychiatrist is brought in by Scotland Yard detective DCI Washburn (David Thewlis) to perform a psychiatric profile and evaluation of Trammel following the mysterious death of a top sports star. Physically drawn to her and mentally intrigued by Trammel, Glass is quickly sucked into her web of lies and seduction. The professional boundaries between the two are obliterated when she uncovers his basic instincts and a deadly battle of wits ensues, climaxing with Glass facing a choice that will change both their lives forever.