Over the past 6 weeks, I have been dealing with a sore ankle stemming from what I thought was an old injury (15 years ago). During the previous 15 years, every now & then, my ankle would flare up out of nowhere & hurt for at least an hour, sometimes to the point that I had difficulty walking, then just like that the pain would be over & I would go on my merry way,

When the pain started 6 weeks ago I was hoping that it go away, so I waited in pain & after about to weeks, I gave my physician a call to have it looked into further, because something wrong was obviously going on. During the 1st 2 weeks, on some days I was hesitant to get out of the bed because I knew the 1st step would be painful & it 9 times out of 10 was.

At my physician visit, he started saying, maybe the onset of this chronic & persistent pain was brought on by the old injury & my obesity. I knew he would go there about my weight because he always does, like I am his biggest patient (I think not). After going off on him by saying I may be big, but not that damn big that I am having joint pain he backed off & said OK you are not big, then I counter back by saying “I am big, but the difference is that I am Byg & Sexy), we both laughed. The end result of this visit was a referral to a Orthopedic Specialist & a X-ray of my ankle.

One week later after the X-ray, I had my 1st of 3 appoint with Ortho specialist #1. First visit: the specialist looked at my X-ray results & said he really could not tell what was going on, so he poked & prodded my ankle, almost making me almost kick the shit out of him for doing it. He then said, I think we have a problem here (in my mind I was hellooooo!!! That’s why I am here. End result of this visit was that I had to come back in 2 weeks after having an MRI.

Almost done with the story bear with me 🙂

OK so it’s 2 weeks later, I have my MRI & see the specialist; he pokes & prods my ankle almost getting the shit kicked out of him again. He then reviews my MRI results & states that it is still hard to tell ways going on, but he could see evidence of old & possibly new trauma & some edema. So at this point I am like OK what’s next?, well, what was next was another visit in 2 weeks after a CT Scan. Supposdley, the CT Scan would give a better picture of the problem.

2 weeks later I have my CT scan & visit the specialist, to find out that my overall diagnosis is a “Dukes Lesion”, which could be resolved via an Arthroscopic procedure. The success rate for this is about 90%, which was cool with me. End result of this appointment was a follow-up assessment one week later with one of his partners who would actually perform the procedure.

At this point I have spent 45 dollars in co-pays, missed approximately 6 hours of work time & still in pain.

Alrighty then, today was the day that I had the visit to assess for possible surgery with specialist/surgeon #2. I was hoping that I would have surgery & soon, 6 weeks of constant radiating pain has become a little to much for me to handle. After specialist #2, poked & prodded my ankle & almost got the shit kicked out of him too, he concluded that I indeed have a Dukes Lesion & then said let’s have a look at the MRI results.

As he went over the images with me he mentioned that on MRI images, joints should appear black, then he pointed to my ankle & the surrounding area, which appeared white (a very bad sign) & said that this is more serious than a Dukes Lesion. The whiteness indicated, old & new trauma (I do not remember injuring myself recently), edema something else that I cannot recall.

Bottom line was that I not only have a Dukes Lesion, I also have what is called Sinus Tarsi Syndrome, which he indicated is not something that is commonly. Based on this new finding, he told me that I needed to have a cast immediately to stabilize my ankle in addition to having a cortisone injection, all before I left the office.

Almost done with the story keep bearing with me 🙂

I was totally shocked by what I heard, because I was totally not expecting all this to jump off, so I am happy that I have health insurance to cover. I have never received a cortisone injection before & I pray to God that I never have to have one again because it hurt like hell. Once he made the injection I screamed at the top of my lungs from the pain that it caused. It was not the injection itself, because he anesthetized the area first, it was when he got to the area between my ankle joint that made me scream like a BITCH. After that was over, I just laid there so I could pull myself together.

Once the pain subsided I was taken the “casting area” where I was fit fro my walking cast; I never had a cast so this was pretty interesting. Since I was able to choose the color of my cast, I chose red (naturally of course). After my cast was set I received my follow-up instructions, then made my way to the Secretary of State/DMV to get my temporary handicap parking permit.

Next steps: in 3 weeks I go back to see how I healed after wearing the cast, get fitted for a custom ankle brace & get shoe supports. The “new specialist indicated that he would follow a more conservative approach to heal the Sinus Tarsi Syndrome & then after several months I would have the procedure to resolve the Dukes Lesion.

At this point I have spent 60 dollars in co-pays, missed approximately 9 hours of missed work time, have a red cast on my left leg & am dealing with the original pain from my ankle & from the cortisone injection.

Side Note: Over the next 3 weeks, I will be wearing mostly red to coordinate with my cast.

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